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Superheroes: A Basic Outline

This presentation goes over some of the basic features and traits a superhero has. While in no way complete, it serves as a rough outline of the features common to mainstream superheroes.

Liana Burnside

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Superheroes: A Basic Outline

UPERHEROES Super Powers Heroes have "a code" Teamwork Conflict Accidents Sometimes the hero gets powers through a bizarre and unlikely event. They did not ask to be chosen.
Fate chose them. Birth Sometimes the hero is born with powers. They were born different, so they can never fit in. Sometimes the hero is not from Earth. This "alien" may fall in love with earth. No Killing Many heroes refuse to take a life. Justice Other heroes might kill those they feel "deserve" it. Whatever their code, the important thing is that the hero has a moral compass. Loss Heroes have a tendency to lose loved ones... Family So they will often form a surrogate family. Leagues One person can't fight evil alone. Violence A common criticism of superheroes is that they use violence to solve their problems. Injustice The hero always fights for what they believe is right. ...usually in a very gruesome way. So they need friends to help them do it. This may be true, but super charity would be a lot less fun to watch. If they didn't, they'd just be a jerk in a cape. Alien
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