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The Dead Kid Detective Agency

No description

Edwin Chiu

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Dead Kid Detective Agency

The Dead Kid Detective Agency
The book that shouldn't be read by 5th Graders
By Evan Munday

What's it about?
Did you ever go to a cemetery at night or meet dead kids? Of course not! Do you want to experience that? If you do, then you should read this book! This is a mystery book. If you don't like mysterys, then don't read it! This book is about October, a girl who lives near a cemetery. She is 13 and is in high school. She skipped a grade because she was so smart. Then, she met her French teacher, Mr.O' Shea. He was nice but then, he was killed by an auto shop accident. October wasn't happy until she met dead kids at the cemetery. They were summoned by October. The dead kids helped to find the mysterious murderer of Mr. O'Shea. Read to find out who killed such a nice teacher!
Who's Evan Munday?
Evan Munday is an illustrator whose work has appeared in books and magazines, including Toronto Life, This Magazine, Alternatives Journal and Broken Pencil, as well as the novel Stripmalling, by Jon Paul Fiorentino. He is the author and illustrator of The Dead Kid Detective Agency, obviously.

He works as a publicist for Coach House Books and has just finished his work on a graphic novel, Quarter-Life Crisis, set in a post-apocalyptic city he lives in, Toronto.
The following book is not suited for 5th graders.
Contents may be too hard for them or otherwise violent.
Questions and comments are at the end of the presentation!
Read if your between 11 and maybe 100.
What do I like about this book?
The things I like about this book is how long it is, the graphics that don't show often, and it's a chapter book. The "funny" things in the book are not actually funny because it's really immature comedy. So that's why it's a Y.A. book.
How can I make the book better?
The changes I want with the book is it needs to be longer. Even though the book has more than 300 pages, it still needs to be longer. Another thing that needs to be changed is the graphics. The graphics need colour so the other readers can understand what the picture means. The book is not hard so it's rated 1.
No 5th Grader's allowed in this book!
This is the end of the presentation! Don't look away and read this presentation. Look away and no prize!

Read the warnings!
Should you read this book?
Of course! That's why I did this presentation. For people who read by a level, I would say this book is a rated 4 out of 5. If your younger than, perhaps 10, you weren't even suppose to watch this presentation!
By Edwin Grade 6
There's no prize!
(Not in Grade 5)
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