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HP as a global citizen

No description

Bianca Gray

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of HP as a global citizen

HP in the Community
HP in the Community
Supply Chain

• Developed new supplier guidance on use of student and dispatch workers

• First independent management system assessments of supplier facilities

• HP ranked 2nd for companies against conflict minerals 2012

• First IT company to publish its supply chain smelters list (released 2013)

• First IT company to publish its supply chain water footprint (2013)

Social Innovation

• Reached more than 2 million entrepreneurs since 2007, helping to establish and expand more than 25,000 businesses

• Tested more than 200,000 infants in Kenya and Uganda for HIV/AIDS through the HP Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) project

• HP employees donated more than 1.4 million hours to volunteer projects

• $118.6 million USD in social investments made through cash, products, and services

•Social Innovation Relay Winner, India - 2013
What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?
MacMillan Coffee Mornings in October where we
raised over £900

Movember and Children in Need this month

Bring your child to work day

Social innovation team

Charity selection for employees

Aim to get the charity in place by early January

• Aware of the wider world
• Respects and values diversity
•Understands how the world works
• Outraged by social injustice
• Participates in and contributes to the community
• Willing to act to make the world a more sustainable place
• Takes responsibility
• Four hours of company time a month for charities

• The time spent giving back is valued at more than $80 million USD

• HP employees also donated more then $13 million USD to NGOs, schools and disaster relief

• HP Company Foundation donated
$25,000 to Colorado Fire Relief.

• Annual Disaster Giving Program

• International Nongovernment organisations

• Global Giving Program, $133,00

• Japan tsunami

• Flooding in India

• Haiti Earthquake

Disaster Relief
“At HP we are committed to providing innovative and positive ways for our employees to engage with the communities where we live and do business”
Debra Dunn, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs.
• Tradition of supporting innovation
in education

• Transformation of STEM education

- HP catalyst Initiative
- HP Education Innovation Funds

• Personalised Learning
- Learning my way – VideoBook

• Empowering Entrepreneurs
-HP life
- Social Innovation Relay

HP Education
· Creating better healthcare solutions

· Strengthening health care systems

· Programs In Action ( examples Clinton Health Access Initiative, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais)

· Developing new and better electronic and mobile health solutions

· Programs in Action (examples E-health care centre)

At Newcastle
• We are using the planet’s limited resources faster than ever
• Product reuse and recycling
• Hardware return and recycling
• European union WEEE directive
• Recycling resources
• Leaders in supply chain management.
• Reduce our environmental impact.
•HP Sustainability Network and Eco Solutions Advocate program.
• Network of vendors in 67 countries and territories worldwide.

HP advances efforts to significantly improve social and environmental responsibility throughout the IT supply chain.

Future Developments
Get girls into IT
Recognition system in work
Further involvement in the community (soup kitchens, schools etc)
Further HP marketing within the community
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