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BAM 620: Presentation REV2


Levi Wade

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of BAM 620: Presentation REV2


Use the
to create
your own
Positive Outcomes
Kevin Courtois, Tom Glimmerveen, Trevor Hudson, Philip Reese, Levi Wade
What is a Brand? Rebrand?
Types of Rebranding
Why Rebrand?
Rebranding Strategies
Outcomes of Rebranding
What is a Brand?
Creating a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof to differentiate identity
What is Rebranding?
External or Internal Factors
Types of Rebranding
Organizational Rebranding

Product Rebranding

A name, term, design or other feature that differentiates a seller's products
Tangible and Intangible Factors
Verbal, Visual, and Emotional
Why Rebrand
External Drivers
Audience and competitors
Need for New Position
Moving to a new culture
Brand is forgettable
Bad Reputation
Environmental Factors
Internal Drivers
Change in Ownership or Structure
When companies merge
Remain relevant
Name change
Revitalize the brand
Simplify your message
Create an Integrated system
Internal team lacks clarity
Attract Talent

Identify the business reason

Target Market
Cobranding or Brand Licensing
Negative Outcomes
Compromise of Brand Equity
Lost Connection with Roots
Recklessness in Changing Focus
Customer Perceived Insincerity
"The branding equivalent of a Dad-joke"
"If you're going to rebrand, it should communicate a strategy. Now you'll just say 'The old Comcast guys [screwed] up my cable'"
"One sign of poor branding is how many ways there are to misspell what you're looking for."
"This new packaging feels, at best, like a discount store brand with what looks like stock photography."
Schulton Co. began selling soap in 1934
In 1937 they created a fragrance called Old Spice
Old Spice became synonymous with US GIs during WWII
Procter and Gamble purchased Old Spice in 1990
At that time Old Spice was synonymous with grandparents
Reaction to Environment
Brand Repositioning
Improve Tarnished Brand Image
What is a Brand? Rebrand?
Types of Rebranding
Why Rebrand?
Rebranding Strategies
Outcomes of Rebranding

SS Cars Limited
European Car Manufacturer Founded in 1935
Specialized in sports cars until 1940
Rebranded in 1945
Rebranding - Reacting to Environment
Rebranding - Some Examples
Rebranding - Domestic to International
Rebranding - Expanding Your Market
Beer sold in China for $44 a bottle
Served in a Champagne flute
No its not Miller High Life
Why Was This a Success?
BAM 620: Strategic Marketing
P&G Planned for 3-5% Growth
Actually experienced 38% Growth
#1 Brand Channel on YouTube
3,000% Increase in Twitter Audience
300% Increase in oldspice.com Traffic
Teamed with Wieden & Kennedy Advertising Agency
Younger men saw Old Spice as Elderly
Women made body wash purchases
How do we appeal to younger generation?
How do we get ladies to buy Old Spice?
Delivered Swagger and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
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5 April 2015
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