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Introduction to Mobile App Development

An interactive powerpoint about an introduction to mobile applications development

jennifer eve curativo

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Mobile App Development

An Introduction of the Mobile Industry Mobile Application Development Tremendous growth in mobile users worldwide
Phones are not just used for calling, texting and playing games, but with smartphones we can access the internet, do business, research, check emails, connect to social network and perform a host of other activities. Smartphones huge demand for various mobile applications Growth of mobile phone market It is a course of action by which application software is
designed and developed for low-power hand-held devices
like mobile phones and personal digital assistant. Mobile Application Development simplify various tasks for users Mobile phone applications Pre-installed on phones during manufacture
some are downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms
web applications delivered over HTTP to provide an application-like experience within a web browser Mobile Apps These applications are: Every mobile phone vendors/platforms like Android, Apple iPhone OS, RIM Blackberry OS, Bada OS, Symbian OS (and soon the Windows Phone OS) provide their own SDK (Software Development Kit) to the developers.
Developers are provided with a store/place/market to publish their creations to the world.
Google Play / Play Store
Blackberry App World Mobile Platforms and Stores From PCs to Mobile Phones Most online sites, social networking, businesses like web hosting, shopping, job portals develop mobile applications for their users for easier access and better services. As per market research experts there were 8.2 billion mobile app downloads in 2010 globally and is expected to reach 76.9 billion in 2014 which will be worth US $35 billion. Mobile App vs. Regular Software Low-power devicesSmaller screensRestrictive programming languages used, depends on device OSConsider internal file/ db storageShould be rich in User Experience, easy to use and intuitiveTouch gestures, Augmented Reality, QR codesNot-so-good for enterprise apps Uses electricityBigger screensBigger and heavierFaster processingProgramming languages are not restrictedBigger file storageBetter for enterprise application softwares Mobile Regular Deployment Requirements Analysis Software Development Life Cycle Implementation Design Testing Statistics Smartphone OS Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker Q1 - 2012 Source: Gartner Q1 - 2012 NDP Group, market research company in US: “Apple leads mobile handset in Q4 2011, but Android attracts more first-time smartphone buyers.” Smartphone Manufacturers Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker Q1 - 2012
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