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Cyrano Study Guide Map

Study Guide for Cyrano de Bergerac

Vince Vaughn

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano Study Guide Map

Act 1 Hôtel Burgundy About to perform
play "La Clorise" Montefluery has
been band from the
stage by Cyrano Imprtant people are
present, Cardinal Riechlue Ligniere is in trouble
for his song Cyrano comes
to the play Interrupts the play Eventually gets into a fight with Valvert while composing a ballad Spends all his money
to refund the play Meeting with Roxane is
set up for the next morning Cyrano must fight 100 men to save Ligniere. Act 11 Cyrano has injured
hand from battling 100
men night before Cyrano composes a letter for Roxane. Ragueneau gives food to
poets for poetry in return. Ragueneau's wife uses the poetry for wrapping paper. Meddler insults
Cyrano's features Cyrano attempts to distract the Duenna with pastries. We learn of Cyrano and Roxane's relationship and past. Roxane claims to
see a lover's soul
through his eyes. Cyrano gruding promises to keep an eye on Christian. Christian insults Cyrano's nose upon meeting him. Christian and Cyrano make bargain for Cyrano to be the brains and Christian the beauty. We learn, again, of De Guiche
not being able to handle insults. Cyrano gives his letter
to Chrsitian for Roxane Act 111 Ragueneau sees
tough times De Guiche
gets promoted Roxane uses this to stop Cyrano and Christian from fighting. Christian on the balcony refuses Cyrano's help Cyrano saves the day with poetry Roxane offers a kiss to Cyrano. Cyrano
De Guiche De Guiche sends
Cyrano's regiment to battle Act IV The siege is bad, no
supplies are coming in Cyranos promise to write
everyday is tougher to do Cyrano would prefer to die
in battle against a better We learn of the cadets
hatred for De Guiche Cyrano gets De
Guiche's scarf De Guiche uses
a Spanish spy Roxane visits
the siege Ragueneau brings food to the siege Roxane tells her reason for first loving Christian Christian scorns his soul and dies Cyrvano has to avenge two deaths Act V Roxane is living
with the nuns Cyrano likes to
tease the nuns He visits
every Saturday Roxane and Cyrano both hold
the letter dear to their heart Cyrano attacks false actors,
artists, saints and heroes. De Guiche is jealous
of Cyrano's lifestyle Cyrano is injured
by a falling log Cyrano compares with his
death with that of a leaf Cyrano reveals his feelings
through memorizing
the last letter Roxane claims losing her husband wice
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