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How I Got This Thesis

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Spencer Schenk-Wasson

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of How I Got This Thesis

Feeling of Belonging
"neither cherished nor vanquished," - implies that she is neither welcomed nor shunned in America. She feels her existence is asinine.
"just another squatter in her own bamboo grove" The OED defines a squatter as: A settler having no formal or legal title to the land occupied by him,
The speaker feels as though she doesn't truly belong, even though America is her home. Being in "her own bamboo grove" states that she still clings to her culture.

How I Got This Thesis
Connection to Hall
Marilyn Chin's poem is about her struggle with two conflicting cultures, and how it affects her identity.
The Fission of Culture
"like the jowls of mighty white whale,/or the jaws of a metaphysical Godzilla,/it swallowed her whole.
The speaker is battling with the duality of the cultures around her
the white whale represents American culture, whereas Godzilla represents Chinese culture in America
"Solid as wood, happily/ a little gnawed, tattered, mesmerized/by all that was lavished upon her/and all that was taken away!"
The speaker is complacent with her conflicted situation is America. Her Chinese culture weighs upon her the importance of being stalwart, while American culture lavishes her.
Hall cultural recovery and how it effects individual identity
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