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Baseball Great Book Report

No description

Scott B.

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Baseball Great Book Report

Setting: Some of the story takes place at Josh's school, at baseball practice. Josh is in the sixth grade at Grant Middle School. Another part of the story takes place at Mount Olympus Sports Complex. Mount Olympus Sports Complex is where Josh's new baseball team practices. Characters The protagonist in Baseball Great is Josh LeBlanc. He is in sixth grade and is just under six feet tall. Josh is considered to be a baseball Great. Josh is a problem solver. If you read the book, or watch the rest of this Prezi, you'll see why. Josh's best friend, Benji Lido, is a heavy-set boy, is funny, and loves baseball. Benji is always getting food dumped on him by girls. Josh finds Benji funny, but sometimes just finds him as plain weird. Jaden Neidermeyer, also a friend, is a very clever, and wise girl. She has tan skin, and Josh thinks she is very pretty. Her dad is a doctor, so she knows a lot about pills and medications, which ends up being a life saver in the end. BASEBALL GREAT
BY TIM GREEN Plot Josh is supposed to take the school baseball team to the top! Josh can't do that when his dad signs him up to play for Rocky Valentine's elite youth team. The kids that Josh is playing with are much older than him. Weight lifting is a huge component to the team's practice. Josh and his friend Jaden try to figure out what "Gym Candy" is, which is what one of Josh's teammates gave him. It turns out that the pills are steroids, and Rocky Valentine is dealing them illegally. What will Josh and Jaden do? CLIMAX The climax of my story was when Josh had to save Jaden from being in big trouble with Rocky Valentine. Rocky is after Jaden's phone, which took the picture of him dealing the steroids. Jaden is at school after hours working on a project when Rocky storms in. Josh pulls the fire alarm in the hallway, and the police are alerted. Jaden hands over the phone and Rocky darts out. Benji, who was supposed to stop Rocky if he got away, just stood there when Rocky ran by to his car. It turns out that while Rocky, Jaden, and Josh were inside, Benji took the air out of Rocky's tires! When the police get there, Valentine is arrested. Sequence 1. Josh's dad takes him to Rocky Valentines team. 2. The Mount Olympus Titans win the Long Island baseball tournament. 3. Josh is given the gym candy. 4. Josh and Jaden find out that gym candy is steroids! Oh no! That's illegal! 5. Jaden gets a picture of Rocky Valentine dealing steroids! 6. Rocky Valentine is arrested! Yay! Drawing I drew the time that Josh got the walk-off hit during the tournament in Long Island. I decided to draw that scene because that hit was what made Josh really fit in. Josh's teammates really warmed up to him after that. Conflict Rocky Valentine is dealing steroids to his players, and Josh does not know what to do about it. Should he keep it a secret? Should he call the police? If he calls the police, his dad may lose his job working for Valentine. If he keeps it a secret, his dad keeps his job but players who are taking the pills will be in very high risk of damaging their bodies for life. What should Josh do? Resolution Josh ends up calling the police after he talked about it with Jaden. When the police showed up, it turned out that Josh's dad had nothing to do with the steroids! Josh's dad starts his own baseball team, and Rocky Valentine is behind bars. Josh and Benji are now playing on his dad's team and they are having plenty of success. After Josh hits a walk-off homerun for his dad's team, the team gets a sponsorship from Nike, and Josh is asked to join a program that Nike runs for kids who are very talented. The kids in this program will not only get free gear, but will be in Nike advertisements. (By the way, being in Nike ads can get you some money!$$) A Prezi by Scott B. What Did I Think? In all, I really liked the book. I think the genre, realistic fiction, fit me well, and the plot kept me glued to the book until I was finished. This best-selling sports story was right up my alley. Descriptive Language & Challenging Words Challenging Word: Drawl
This was a challenging word for me because I did not know what it meant. That is what I found out.
Definition of Drawl: verb, to say or speak in a slow manner, usually prolonging the vowels.
Descriptive Language: "Before Benji could react, Jaden slammed the cupcake into his face, mashing it around and leaving him with a mask of brown frosting and yellow hunks of cake."
I thought this was descriptive because I could picture the scene happening in my mind very vividly. Thanks for watching my Prezi about Baseball Great!
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