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jena evans

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Germany

By, Abby, Cameron, Jena, and Jonathan

Neuschwanstein Castle
The Deutsches Museum
GDP per capita is $39,500.
Life Expectancy: Male: 78.18 years Female: 82.86 years.
Literacy Rate: 99% of the population can read.
Labor Force: Agriculture: 1.6% Industry: 24.6% Service: 73.8%
German Currency: 1 Euro equals 1.14 US Dollars
Historical site
Brandenburg gate
The Gate was built in 1788-91 by Carl G.
The Gate is 66 feet tall
Separates east and west Berlin
Was destroyed during world war 11
Was restored in 2000
The Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the state of Bavaria,Germany.
It started being built in 1869 but was never finished because King Ludwig died.
Regular admission into the Neuschwanstein Castle is 12 Euros but children under the age of 18 get in for free.
12 Euros are equal to $13.62 in the US.
This is Gemany's President Joachim Gauck
This is Agela Merkel Germany's Federal Chanceller
Germany's government is a federal Republic
They have a Parliament with two houses
The two houses are Bundestag(Federal Diet) and Bundesrat(Federal Council).
They have a President and a Federal Chanceller.
Agela Merkel is the Ferderal Chanceller
Joachim Gauck is the President
Germany is the largest population except for Russia Europe
The Germans like classical music
They like painting and sculpting motion pictures
Meals include pork, beef, and chicken with vegetables cake.
Tickets cost euro 8.50 for adults but in the U.S it cost $9.62, euro 3.00 for kids but in the U.S it cost $3.42.
Location: Munich, Germany
What it has: It has over 100,000 objects in Science and Technology like the first motorized aircraft made by the Wright Brothers and also the first programmed-controlled computer (Conrad Zuse's Z3).
This is the Bundesrat Buliding
This is the Capital Buliding
Another sport they play is ice hockey
Another sport is called soccer

This is Parliment
Historical Site:
The Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall was built in 1961
It was built to divide East and West Berlin
Before it was built people in East Berlin were trying to escape to West Berlin so they could live a better life
It ran about 26 miles or 42 kilometers
It stood 12-15 feet or 3.7-4.6 meters high
It was destroyed on November 9,1989
The major cities in Germany are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne.
Germany has 16 states
In the southern end of Germany is the highest mountain range in Europe
Germany also has many rolling plains that make good farming land
Germanys geograpic size: 138,000 square miles
scorce: world book online
Scorce: world book online
scorce: britanic.com
This is 1 Euro which equals $1.12 in US dollars.
The Berlin Wall: www.worldbookonline.com
The Brandenburg Gate: britanic.com
Culture and Sports: www.worldbookonline.com
The Deutshes Muesum:www.deutshes-muesum.de
Economics: www.cia.gov/library/publications

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