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Make up for beginners

Learn tips, tricks and advice on make up for starters

Elizabeth Gardiner

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Make up for beginners

Makeup: Basics Eyeshadow Eye shadow should be applied lightly on (1)eyelid, (2)crease, (3)inner corner, (4)outer corner, (5)under eye and (6)brow bone... 5 6 4 3 2 Foundation For the right foundation you need to test them. Simply go to any makeup store and try a bunch on them on your arm. You will eventually know which shade suits you after picking a particular brand of foundation - if you have dry skin go for a moisturizing type like a cream - if you have oily skin try a powder or gel - if you have normal skin try a cream foundation or a mousse - if you have sensitive skin try a BB cream Watch this video for a clear understanding of foundation Whats primer? Primer is a cream that you put on before applying makeup to keep it lasting longer and/or to protect your skin from chemicals. A good alternative is E45 cream which protects your skin from makeup. Urban Decay primer potion £14.50 OR Benefit Porefessional
£23.50 How to conceal... Concealer is like foundation except is more expensive as it is high coverage so you use only a dab of it to conceal spots and blemishes This pro long wear concealer is only
£14.50 from MAC The power of powder! Powder is used to set foundation and concealer and stop shine and oil from messing it up! You can also use blotting paper if you powder isn't enough! Marvelous mascara...! You apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes... TIP When you apply mascara, wiggle the wand slightly side to side so you get more coverage; it makes mascara a lot easier to use and it's quicker! Lining with eyeliner?! There are many different types of eyeliner- you can get gel which is the easiest, pencil which isn't very easy and the hatred liquid liner that messes up when you blink if it isn't dry enough. There may be different types of eyeliner however, you all apply it the same way. You get the tip of the application end and carefully draw on top of your lash-line and optionally adding a flick at the end... EYE STUDIO® MASTER DUO 2-IN-1 GLOSSY LIQUID LINER
Superdrug Browalicious brows To define your brows you can use a brow gel or pencil. Not pressing it on too hard you lightly shade the inner area making sure it's still natural. If you want to you can pluck your eyebrows: this is a diagram to show you where you should pluck them... Stick to your lips! Lipstick is a paste that is usually in a tube that is highly pigmented so you can gently glide it onto your lips, you can get it in loads of different colors: BEFORE AFTER MAC lipstick in shade CHILLI
£14.50 LIP GLOSS!! Lip gloss is a glossy and slightly thick texture which is slightly pigmented and is usually stored it a bottle with a sponge wand or a squirty tube. You can apply it over lipstick or on its own... OR
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