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American Revolution Debate Assignment

No description

Jennifer Rodriguez

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of American Revolution Debate Assignment

DEBATE: PATRIOTS VS LOYALISTS What is a Debate? Our Classroom Debate... How will it work? How will it work? GROUP
1 A debate is a discussion involving opposing viewpoints. A moderator facilitates the debate.

When you are participating in a debate, you can either be arguing for the pro side or the con side.

If you are pro, that means you agree with the statement being debated.

If you are con, that means you do not agree with the statement being debated.

Like the presidential election, debates can also be question and answer structured. A moderator
asks a questions and both sides argue their viewpoint. We will have our own debate based on the American Revolution. The two sides are: the Loyalists and the Patriots.

The Loyalists will argue that the colonies should remain loyal to Britain while the Patriots argue for independence from Britain. Ms. Chavez and Ms. Rodriguez will split the class into 2 groups of 12. These will named be Group 1 and Group 2.

Group 1 will be split into 2 teams of 6. Group 2 will be split into 2 teams of 6.

We will randomly assign your debate team a side to represent. You may not choose your team or your side. This will be assigned.
You will be given time to prepare with your debate team.

Each person in a team is responsible for one talking point.

At the end of the debate, King George (Ms. Chavez or Ms. Rodriguez) will choose the side who persuaded us with the strongest arguments. Patriots
1. Ollie
2. Summer
3. Niel
4. Jesset
5. Vaughn
6. Micro Loyalists
1. Josiah
2. Lindsay
3. Mylah
4. Jaydin C.
5. Courtney
6. Oscar GROUP
2 Patriots
1. Macie
2. Daniel
3. Marson
4. Mariana
5. Jayden B.
6. Fabiola Loyalists
1. Ayana
2. Alfonso
3. Sera
4. Kaylin
5. Alex
6. Ezequiel King George: Ms. Chavez King George: Ms. Rodriguez (Auditorium)
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