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No description

jocelyn jaime

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of eminem

-physical description
-special powers
- reasons for being legendary
- road to epic battler
- epic battle
- recovery
Table Of Contents
Born in Saint Joseph, Missouri & on October 17, 1972, but he later moved with his mother to Detroit, Michigan where he spent most of his teenage years.
- 5' 10" in stature
- about 175 lbs.
-short brown hair
-tattoos of things that mean
a lot to him like his daughter,
his uncle & best friend
that passed away..
Physical Appearance
AKA: Slim Shady, Marshall Bruce Mathers 111, B-Rabbit, Jimmy Smith Jr.
* Andre Romelle Young also known as Dr. Dre
- DeShaun Dupree Holton also known as Big Proof
* his daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers
- his best friend, Big Proof
-His mentor,
Dr. Dre
* His special power is his talent...Rapping.
- He has the ability to rap faster than your internet connection
- He can destroy people with his choice of words
- Doesn't have to be degrading women or always talking about drugs to be successful.
- inspiration to so many people just by using his words.
Special Powers
Eminem was always looked at as a failure and a screw up by a lot of people close to him. he wanted to prove them wrong. As he strived for a better life for his daughters, he landed in the spot light of the music industry. . Also, even though he had fame & fortune, he stayed grounded & down to earth. No matter how much he hated confrontation he was, he could not avoid feuds with rival rapper. Along with him came Big Proof AKA Deshaun Dupree Holton, his best friend which he also called 'Doody'. There came a time where Eminem was faced with what a parent fears worst; someone saying things about their child. That is exactly what happened, a rival rapper known as JaRule made a nasty remark about Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade, saying she was going to grow up like her mother; someone who sleeps around also known as a slut. They all tried to squash the beef but were not very successful at doing so. All his efforts would be no use..
The road to the Epic Battle..
Later on, unfortunately Deshaun was caught in between the feuding. He was shot at cold blood..he was dead. All his efforts were no use now, Eminem was on his was to self destruction. What was he going to do without his best friend's guidance ? Sadly, Eminem did not know how to cope with the death of Deshaun & fell in the trap of prescription pain killers. He would take Ambien, Valium and some more. That was the only way he felt he could cope with everything. At one point he had gone into his restroom a few doors down where his family were & overdosed. He took so much Methadone, the same equivalent of four bags of heroine. His daughter, Hailie, found him on the bathroom floor on the brink of death. It was said that he was trying to take his own life - suicide, when he was just trying to numb the pain of losing his best friend. It took him a while to realize that he was addicted to prescription pills but that he had to stop for his family. He submitted himself into a rehabilitation to try to get clean. He overcame his addiction & is now about a year or so clean. He has never felt better & is stepping up his game..the king of rap has returned...! (:
Epic Battle
- one of the most successful white rappers in the world.
- speaks the truth
- even though no one believed in him, he still did his hardest to make it.
- one of the most influential artists of all time
- dropped out of high school after retaining 9th grade 2 times but still managed to have the most amazing lyrics than any other artist.
Reasons for being legendary
* prescription pain killers or sleeping pills which took over his life as he was trying to deal with the death of his best friend.
- Vicodin (top right)
Ambien (bottom right)
JaRule (top left) he started rumors saying Eminem was a bad artist because he "ignored" him after a show & started a fight with everyone Eminem knew. He was also the guy who said his daughter would end up like her mother.
Benzino (bottom left): claimed that Eminem was taking over what other races were good at and making them look bad. He started dissing Eminem and everyone associated with him.
- if people talk bad about his family or friends
- Rehab
_ Rap was his drug
- Felt renewed after he was able to find himself once again.
- recovering drug addict
- Sleeping pills & pain killers
- His best friend, Proof.
* " They say music can alter moods and talk to you, but can it load a gun for you and cock it too? "
* And I'm so caught in it i almost feel I'm the one who caused it . This aint what I'm in hip hop for, it's not why i got in it. That was never my object for someone to get killed, why would i want to destroy something i help build?
* Don't let no one tell you, you aint beautiful.
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