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Brave New World vs. The Hunger Games

A compare and contrast between Brave New World and The Hunger Games.

Hannah Sharpless

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World vs. The Hunger Games

Hannah Sharpless Brave New World vs. The Hunger Games Family Subconscious Brainwashed. Technology. Hover Craft Technology. Weaponry. Subconscious Censorship. Family Allowed to raise their children. Unknown Parents. No Solidarity. Test Tube Babies The words "Mother" and "Father" are taboos or obscenities. Sexual Reproduction. Mother, Father, brothers, sisters and cousins etc. Sleep Hypnosis. Drugged. Censorship. No sadness. Bullying. Superior Fire Power. Isolation. Advancement in growth. Birth Control. Anti-Aging. Life Preservation Medicine. Control of Feelings. Burn Medicines. Holograms. Hovercrafts. Cars. Trains. Communications. Housing Technologies. Government. Controls everything. Cushions everything. "Ford" < Head of Government. ^Almost a God. Government. President Snow- was not elected Game maker - Changes throughout the series creates the arena that the tributes battle in. Peacekeepers- soldiers that guard the capitol and the districts. World London Mexico Earth Post Revolution. World. Cpatiol City- Central Hub of communication and also excluded from The Hunger Games. 12 districts as well as District 13 which is a legend. <according to the Capitol. Earth Post Apocalyptic
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