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Lesson 7: The Roman Empire

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on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Lesson 7: The Roman Empire

Lesson 7: The Roman Empire

Caesar Augustus
Empire under the Good Emperors
Roman Army
Unit 2: The Classic World
How did Roman government survive under the emperors?
Octavian's new name meant "majestic one"
He did NOT call himself king or emperor
Princeps--"First citizen"
Rebuilt Rome
Government reforms
Pax Romana
(Roman Peace)
Did the Roman people think this was arrogant or appropriate?
Why would he choose a title like princeps instead of king?
Pantheon--temple for all the gods
How long can we expect American roads to last?
Proconsuls not allowed to exploit the provinces
Imported grain from North Africa to feed the empire
Local tax collectors replaced by permanent government workers (who were likely paid)
Was this a good idea?
Began in 31 B.C.
Only real fighting happened after the death of one emperor before the next came to power
Lasted about 200 years
Wasn't this when Christianity started?
Julian emperors--all related in some way to Julius Caesar

Illness robbed him of sanity
Assassinated by bodyguards

Dangerous, vain, and insane
Forced to drink poison
Several bad emperors followed Nero
Good emperors--chosen by the Senate after 96 A.D.
Trajan--empire at largest land extent
Hadrian--built a wall
Antoninus Pius
Marcus Aurelius--empire at its richest under him
Why would the Greeks protect the individual and Romans the state?
Which should the government stress--the individual or the state? Why?
Professional (they were paid)
Supplemented by auxiliaries; HOWEVER:
Still not enough troops to maintain the border
The empire began to shrink
Why would there be a connection between troop strength and border control?
Road network
Useful for movement of the army
Some of the best engineering in history
Some roads still in use today
Professional governors sent to the provinces
Law stressed state over the individual
Provinces linked by roads
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