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Megan Turco - Virtual Introduction

Digital Marketing Lover and Brunch Enthusiast

Megan Turco

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Megan Turco - Virtual Introduction

Breakfast pizza
at brunch.
Baseball games
in the summer sun.
Want to Know More?
Things I Love Out of the Office
This is me...
This is Bosco...my furry,
four-legged sidekick.
Why Me?
I am eager to contribute to and grow with a team of driven, innovative professionals. I look forward to discussing how I would be a strong addition to your marketing team.

Thank you,
Megan Turco
A sharp eye for details
The ability to focus on client needs while maintaining vision of the big picture
The skill to be collaborative and independent according to need
A high level of professionalism
Creativity and curiosity to develop new processes
A solid commitment to maintaining both internal and external relationships
Getting the Job Done
I am a professional with a background in media and experience handling
multi-faceted campaigns.

Simply put, I am the efficient, organized person who gets things handled for my clients and internal teams.

From large summits to online webinars and everything in between, I make sure my customers and colleagues get what they need for current projects and anticipate new solutions for even better delivery on future projects.
Allow me to introduce myself...
Megan Turco
I mention him because...
well, just look at that adorable face!
Local specialty
Fancy cheese board night
at home.
Sunday brunch with friends.
Saturday farmer's markets.
Walks with my furry sidekick.
Seeing home from the plane on a
return trip.
Hiking in the
Exploring local trails.
Custom Events Manager, e.Republic, Inc.
In the custom realm, events have a multitude of parts--more like integrated projects.
I am a valuable asset with...
Bosco says it's time for a belly rub.
Thank you so much for your
time and consideration!
Megan Turco
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