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Dangers of Fracking

No description

Zoe Indigo

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Dangers of Fracking

The Dangers of Fracking
By Zoe
History of Natural Gas
History of Fracking
Current Legal Status

Environmental Impact
Economic Impact
Why Should We Care?
Thank You for Your Time!
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The federal government should create legislation that limits the expansion of hydraulic fracturing, protecting the environment as well as American homeowners
1885 Bunsen Burner Invented
30% recoverable oil & gas accessed by fracking

7 billion barrels of oil

600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas
Texas, June 2011: HB 3328
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Agencies
$3 an acre

12.5% royalties

24% decrease within 2000 meters of a well

43% rise in CO2 emissions 2008-2035

from 30.2 billion to 43.2 billion metric tons
Environmental Impact
150 oil companies

8 new wells a day

660,000 barrels a day

29% of natural gas burned off
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7 million gallons of water

400,000 gallons of chemicals
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