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Quinn Campbell

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of McCarthyism

Post World War II
After WWII America and the Soviet Union became the only existing super powers, with the USA being capitalist and the Soviets being Communist. The government greatly opposed communism and went about aiding any nation they could against communism mainly through the Marshal Plan. The Korean War and Vietnam War were fought mainly due to help repress Communism and help other nations become democratic.
The Cold War
What is McCarthyism?
Joseph McCarthy
The Soviet Union
Was a communist nation that ruled part of Europe during the cold war.
The fall of McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy accused soldiers in the US army of being communist so he got silenced in congress and no more Innocent people got black listed for being communist.

McCarthyism means accusing a person of something outrageous with no solid evidence. It's named after Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy. Who accused thousands of people of being communist during the Cold War era, most of whom were innocent.
Jarrell Biglow-Sastre, Quinn Campbell, Dom DiPietro, Ryan Haines, Tyler Hill
"Fought" between the two greatest nations at the time the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Tension between the two nations nearing a world war. During the time the U.S. believed there were soviet spies among the people.
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