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Automotive Engineering

No description

Eric Richter

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering
Eric Richter and Chris Lewis

What is Automotive Engineering?
Historical Background
Present and Future
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* Performance is the measure of an automobiles performance under multiple conditions.
Historical Background
* Dr. Car Benz made the first automobile in 1886
* The automobile was called the Benz Automobile patent.
* Henry Ford created the first production vehicle in 1901.
* In the early 1940's cars were seen as deathtraps
* The first safety measure was introduced in 1922.
* It was the hydraulic brake system.
* The first crash test was done in 1984 by GM
Past Car:
* The 1932 Ford V-8 Cabriolet's top speed was 65 mph with a weight of 2400 lbs.
* Its small size and powerful engine made it very popular in that time.
*The more recent Lamborghini Diablo GT has a top speed of 210 mph and weighs around 3400 lbs.
Present and Future
* Today more car companies are trying to lean towards better fuel efficiency and using electricity and staying away from fossil fuels.

* The future of cars are heading to other types of fuel with better performance.
Modern Day Assembly:
Team Production: A group follows a single product down the line instead of repetitively doing one part of the process of building it.
Modular Assembly: A set of sub-assembly lines that feed into the main assembly line.
* The assembly line system made by Ford was used in World War II
*In 1901, the output of the Ford motor factory was about 400 cars, due to limited demand. By 1916, the Ford motor company built more than 700,000 cars in one year.
*The current production rate of cars worldwide is just over 58 millions cars as of 2010.
Fuel Economy
*Current technology allows for fuel economy of up to 60 mpg's in modern sedans.
*Electric cars have a large presence, such as the Chevy Volt, and the Tesla. Teslas are capable of achieving 300 miles on one charge.
*As gas prices increase, more fuel efficient cars, particularly hybrid cars, are seen as the future.
Automotive Engineering in General
*Deals with design and creation of automobiles.
*Broken into several branches
*Some branches include Safety, Fuel economy, Vehicle Dynamics, and Production.
* Safety guidelines are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
* Regulations include air bag, brakes, and car seat inspections.
* Crash test rating in place to determine safety perimeters.
Safety Engineering
*Branch of automotive engineering dealing with fuel efficiency of vehicles.
*Generally rated in MPG's
*Becoming extremely important today due to rising oil prices and increased environmental efficacy.
*New deciding factor for car buyers.
Fuel Economy
* The most important parts is the process of which they are made.
* If made incorrectly it will affect drivabilty and safety.
* The process needs both machines and engineers to make the car functional.
Safety Engineering
*Vehicles from the early 20's got less than 5 miles to the gallon, and could usually only held 4 to 5 gallons.
*Fuel Economy became extremely important during the 70's, during the oil booms that occurred.
*The first electric car was made by Porsche around 1910, and it could travel 40 miles when it had a full charge.
Fuel Economy
* At the beginning of the automotive industry all cars were handmade by engineers.
* Henry Ford revolutionized the industry by making the assembly line.
* With this system he was able mass produce cars with unskilled laborers.
* Electronic Stability Control: Automatically applies brakes individually to wheels on cars before they go out of control.
* Backup cameras are becoming more and more common
* In the future engineers are working on pre-collision systems to detect crashes before drivers can.
Facts About Automotives
*The global automotive industry brought in a whopping 1.18 trillion dollars in 2010.
*The word "automobile" is a mixture of the French word 'auto' which means self and "mobile" which means moving.
*The Cheapest car for sale now is the Tata Nano, an Indian Automobile on sale for about $3000 in the U.S.
* Tests for performance can range from speed, manuverability, stability, and g-forces placed on the car.
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*The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was created as the big brother to the regular Veyron just because they were beaten by the Hennessy Viper for world's fastest production car.
*Bugatti makes virtually no money from making Bugatti Veyrons, but they claim that they make them to simply prove that it can be done.
*Hyper cars introduced in the late 90's
*Hyper cars now capable of reaching speeds in excess of 260 MPH.
*Bugatti Veyron Super Sport holds record for fastest production car in the world.
*Future of performance and hyper cars may rest in electric cars, with their rapid acceleration.
Lamborghini Veneno
*The most fuel efficient Gasoline production car today is the Prius, with an average of 50 MPG.
*The price of gasoline is expected to rise to almost $5.00 this next year.
*The Bugatti Veyron, known as the fastest production car in the world, gets about 10 MPG, and when traveling a more than 250 mph, it guzzles one gallon every minute.
Fuel Economy Facts
*Mercedes currently innovating cars that can park themselves without any human interference.
*Google developing driverless cars, which take out the human error factor in driving.
*Tesla achieved the highest safety rating of any car, and it is capable of holding more than four times its weight on the roof.
*The world's safest cars today are the Tesla S, and the Volvo V40.
Volvo V40
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