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Bellevue Washington, Whirligig chapter 6

No description

Hannah Redinger

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Bellevue Washington, Whirligig chapter 6

Chapter 6 Bellevue, Washington The Pledge Anthony, "Tony" is a 5th grader who doesn't want to impress his teacher on the 1st day of school.
He wants to listen to the Seattle Mariners vs. the New York Yankees baseball game rather than write about his summer.
Tony decides to listen to the game, he slowly slips the cord down his sleeve and tapes the headphone piece to the palm of his hand
He says his summer was like being sick to your stomach. And the conversations begin......... Tony was adopted from Korea.
He has a younger sister Kelsey in the 1st grade also adopted, she is from Peru.
Tony was named after his Grate-Grandfather Anthony who built the 1st radio transmitter in Kansas.
His mother wants him to be perfect in every way, academically and musically. Family Summer Tony plays violin and doesn't like to practice it. He has been since he was 4 years old.
He lies to his mother about practicing, Tony gives her old tape recordings. He has to prove to her that he practices everyday.
There is an unspoken pledge that he recites in his head; it is only for people with Asian backgrounds.
The pledge says, "I will be quiet, hardworking, polite, and succeeding in all things through dedication."
He breaks it by throwing a rock at the whirligig. In his head he talks to Bob, the announcer for the game.
He pretends to talk to Bob about his summer and doesn't write down the truth about his summer in his journal, instead he lies.
His mother thinks that sports are for lunk-heads and time wasters.
He doesn't agree with his mother on anything. Tony and his family go camping north of Seattle.
At the campsite, there is a harpist whirligig hanging in a tree.
The weather is windy and the whirligig blows in the wind, it drives Tony crazy
His mother comments on how much she practices.
He throws a rock at it while his mother isn't looking; she catches him about to throw another, Tony is placed under arrest, he can't leave the tent. Tony Birthday Tony wants a Nintendo.
He got 2 shirts, a microscope, a new music stand and a Sarah Chang CD. VS
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