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Future Transportation

No description

John Gray

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Future Transportation

Future Transportation
Maglev Trains
The new way to drive
What is V2V and how does it effect driving?
V2V is Vehicle to Vehicle

Meaning each vehicle on the road communicates to each other vehicle on the road
Wireless signals communicate with other vehicles on the road giving drivers warnings about road hazards
If it gives warnings on road hazards how does it know anything but other cars?
Vehicle to Infrastructure
V2V & V2I combine to reduce accidents by
The trains undercarriage has guidance magnets on the side which allows the train to follow the track.
Underneath the train are levitation magnets, which allow the train to hover in mid air allowing the train to reach higher speeds, in return allows less friction which is the key to higher speeds.
Well How Does it Work?
The powerful generators create electromagnet waves in the track to propel the train forward
The Train never makes contact with the train track allowing for higher speeds
How Magnetic Levitation Works
Fastest Maglev Trains(to date) Travel Time/Speed Examples

Las Vegas To Detroit
Speed: 361
Distance: 2,021 Miles
Travel Time: Not quite as fast as a plane but would be a great alternive
(In the Maglev Train it would take you 5 hours 35 Mins)
(In a Car it would take you 29 hours)
(In a plane it would take you 3 hours 50 mins)

Las Vegas To Los Angeles

Speed: 361
Distance: 276Miles
Travel Time :
(In the Maglev Train it would take you 45 Mins 52 Secs)
(In a Car it would take you 4 hours 2 mins)
(In a plane it would take you 1 hour 5 mins)
581 km/h (361 mph)
One day, this will probably be the reality of aviation.
This is the "future" right here. As our technology is ever changing, this will probably be the reality within 25 years.
Your new journey is about to begin!

So advanced yet so cool.
Are you ready for me? (Airbus)...
The VacTrain
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