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Mobile Strategies in Political Communication

Presentation of my Thesis at American University

Carl Pick

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Strategies in Political Communication

Mobile Strategies in
Political Communication Text Messages Twitter Applications Cellphones Personal 24/7 immediate How to get on a cell phone Voice Bluetooth More than just
a mobile telephone Computer ? Rosenblatt: 1D - 2D - 3D Collaboration Creation Curation Conversation Choice Clark: 5 "C"s Obama '08 iSPD CPAC Response Rate through
the roof on all accounts Strategies Why? 90% Opening Rate Bridges the Digital Divide List Building Combination of Channels Immediacy Advocacy Fundraising Text Reply McCaskill Boxer Warner McCain Demint Grassley Retweet Question Reply Mention Call to Action Does it refer
to another Medium Joe/Jill Average Insider? 3 most followed Dems/Republicans + Web 2.0 = Mobile 2.0 No Variation Can't buy you love Click-through rates average between 0.04% and 1.98% Little Engagement Be a reporter
submitt your photos Your voice counts Feed Aggregator Feed Aggregator Data Collector Designed to be usefull
preelection & post-election Twitter Applications SMS #MSPC Questions?

yussi.pick@gmail.com Thanks! Future Geo Location Check in to your rally Check in to your
polling station See who else is here! Canvassing Ideas? 2% turn out increase Short Code Keywords A word on distribution
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