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Religions and Their Outcomes

No description

Mari Rhodes

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Religions and Their Outcomes

Religions and Their Outcomes
Religions and their outcomes
your friend tells you to back them up to their parent because they lied about a grade. what do you do?
this is handeled by telling the parent the truth; that your friend did lie about the grade and was bad by nature and needed to be controlled
You tell their parents that they got a bad grade becuase Confusius teaches us to live with family order and social harmony
You tell your friends parents that he lied hoping that you will get good karma and be reincarnated into a better caste system because you did the right thing.
you meditate and hope your friend will make the right desicion
you go with the flow and back your friend up hoping that their parents won't suspect anything.
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