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Ivette Cervantes

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of VolleyBall

Morgan met James Naismith who invented basketball in 1891. Morgan was motivated by Naismith's game of basketball designed for younger students to invent a game suitable for the older members of the YMCA

William G Morgan invented Volleyball , he was the director of the YMCA standing for ( Young Men's Christian Association ) He was born in Lockport, New York, USA. Morgan was the eldest of his siblings
William needed to create a new game for the YMCA that didn't involve any non-contact sport , At the YMCA I think that only boys or "men" were allowed .
William got the idea by combining the elements of basketball ,baseball , handball , and Tennis into one sport
Volleyball was invented in the year of .............. 1895
and it is still known from then to now !!
It's OVER 100
YEARS !!!!
William invented Volleyball in Holyoke , Massachusetts , Holyoke is a city in Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States that is between the western bank of the Connecticut River and the Mount Tom Range of mountains
The Volleyball is made by a specific type if material of three layers. The first was a latex bladder made from material like a bicycle tire, the second was a cheesecloth material around the bladder, and the third was a leather outer layer the ball was designed in 1900

The name Volleyball came
about after a demonstration
game of the sport, when a
spectator commented that the game involved much "volleying" and game was renamed Volleyball.
The Six Basic Volleyball Skills

A shot to the other teams court that is a spike or a dink
: When a spike is stopped by the extended arms of one or more front line defenders who jump at the net

Stopping the ball from touching the floor or ground after an opponents attack shot
To hit the ball You can underhand , Overhead , Bump it , and over head toss
The ball has a design of 3 lines on each patch . It can be varieties of colors.
When a team member
receives the serve and directs the ball to the setter
Serve :
The 1st contact of a rally , it can be done underhand ,over-
head or by jumping .

Set :
Usually the 2nd contact by a
team , it is a soft hit that places
the ball for an attacking

Facts about
Most volleyball players jump about 300 times a match
The longest recorded volleyball game was in Kingston, North Carolina. It took 75 hours and 30 minutes.
Volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today, exceeded only by soccer almost the first !!!!
The set and spike was invented in the Phillipines in 1916. A kill was called the 'bomba' The hitter was called the 'bomberino'.It initiated the sport into Colleges and other schools as a part of the standard physical education courses and intramural programs.
Over Head Hit
Under Hand Serve
Bump Hit
Over Head Toss
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