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French Masculine and Feminine Classroom Objects!

No description

Alphonse Le

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of French Masculine and Feminine Classroom Objects!

Mes Affaires
French: Un Stylo!
English: A pen

Masculine Object Number 1
French: Un Drapeau
French: Un Bureau
Masculine Object Number 6
French: Un Ordinatuer
Masculine Object Number 9
Masculine Object Number 2
French: Un Dictionnaire
English: A dictionary
English: A Flag
Masculine Object Number 3
Masculine bject Number 4
French: Un Calendirer
English: A Calender
Masculine Object Number 5
French: Un Feutre
English: A Marker
English: A Desk or an Office
Masculine Object Number 7
French: Un Mur
English: A wall
Masculine Object Number 8
French: Un Cahier
English: A Notebook
English: A computer
Masculine Object Number 10!
French: Un Portable
English: A cellphone
Feminine Objects Number 1!
French: Une Calculatrice
English: A Calculator!
Feminine Objects Number 2
French: Une Gomme
English: An Eraser!
Feminine Objects number 3
French: Une chaise
English: A chair
Feminine Object Number 4
French: Une Feuille de papier
English: A piece of paper
Feminine Object Number 5
French: Une Fille
English: A girl
Femimnine Object Number 6
French: Une horloge
English: A clock
Feminine Object Number 7
French: Une Carte
English: A Map
Feminine Object Number 8
French: Une trosse
English: A pencil bag
Feminine Object Number 9
French: Une brosse
English: A board eraser
Feminine Object Number 10

French: Une poster
English: a poster
French Plural Words Number 1
French: Des Lunettes
English: Glasses
French Plural Objects Number 2
French: Des ciseaux
English: scissors
By: Alphonse Le
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