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Vocabulary Words 1-10 bsms 7th period cof 2019

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Caleb Riddle

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Vocabulary Words 1-10 bsms 7th period cof 2019

An opponent or enemy
self confidence, especially in a difficult situation; poise; assurance
anxious or fearful; uneasy
the ability to learn or understand something quickly
giving attention to something; paying careful attention to the comfort or concerns of others; considerate
to force to leave a country or place;exile
a. noun-usually temporary structure set up, as across, a route of access, to block the passage of an enemy or opponent; something that serves as an obstacle,barrierer

b.verb - to block an opening or passage with an obstacle or barrier; to enclose or exclude someone by constructing a barricade
Barricade (noun)
Paul used a barricade to block John from his fort.
Vocabulary Words 1-10 bsms 7th period cof 2019
by Caleb Riddle

Barricade (verb)
John barricaded Paul from the fort.
to engage in a false display of strength or confidence, especially in order to deceive someone
Slightly Salty
to wave or exhibit something in a dramatic or threatning way
The boy and girl are great adversaries.
The president was very aplomb when he gave his speech.
The boy was apprehensive about the test.
The teacher has an aptitude for math.
The man was vey attentive during the business meeting.
The super hero banished from the scene.
The man was bluffing as he pulled out his card.
The water tasted slightly brackish.
The ninja brandished his sword.
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