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Drawing & Painting Paper

Sec 1 AEP Term 2 Week 6 Tuesday

Chong Chia Hwei

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Drawing & Painting Paper

the Drawing & Painting paper? What is Preparatory Work Illustrate the different possible interpretations, exploration and development of ideas Technical Control Good control of materials and technical processes Creativity & Aesthetic Appeal Making aesthetic judgements appropriate to your artwork
Good use of elements of art and principles of design
Creative and original composition and expression Preparatory Work Creativity and Aesthetic Appeal Technical Control Personal Response A personal artistic response to a given theme O Level time frame:
Paper is given 3 weeks before the start of O Levels
Students consider the themes and execute their preparatory studies Gathering and investigation of information with regard to the theme Through mind maps, images and sketches Act as a clear starting point for the final composition Evidence of strong interpretation and representation Consistent quality and effort shown in execution of artwork Exhibiting a personal engagement with and commitment to the representation of your chosen subject matter. Personal Response 2 Components: Preparatory Work
Final Work (executed in exam conditions) "when i explored the theme 'natural phenomenon,' i decided to investigate the unbelievable relationships that exist in nature. animals are inter-reliant on one another, trust one another and to me this is an amazing natural phenomenon." theme: natural phenomenon
media: watercolour
size: A3 i was interested shadows and wondered "what if shadows were colourful and normal things were black and white? what an interesting world would that be?" i was also sort of inspired by the lamppost in Narnia, the mysterious, dream-like landscapes. Analyze a Student's Example 5 minute break! theme: surrealism media: watercolour size: A3 Referring to the four categories, analyze how effectively this student has responded to the chosen theme, and what could have been done to improve it
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