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Pop Culture

No description

Caermela C

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Pop Culture

Music Television What's In... One Direction One Direction has been a hit boy band since their debut in the X-Factor. Their songs have been in the top charts, and has gained popularity worldwide. They are a change from the usual solo artists. Pop Culture Caermela and Janine Celebrities Video Games Food Books Electronics Fashion/Style Clothing Magazines What's Out . . . Questions 1. To what extent is pop culture affected by forms of media and communication technologies?

2. To what extent is individual identity affected by pop culture?

3. Where in the world has the greatest influence on global pop culture? Provide three reasons and explain. The Vampire Diaries Ever since the Twilight Saga, vampires have become more popular with teens. Such supernatural creatures are portrayed by actors that are able to grab the attention of their audience. This creates a large fan base for the genre. Apple Apple has created technology that allows people to connect almost instantly. Teen like the "cool" factor that the newest iPod or iPhone brings. Clothing Clothing defines who you are. Or, in a teen's case, who you want to be. Specific styles of clothing allows people to express themselves and belong to a specific group. Hunger Games Games such as Just Dance allow teens to express themselves, have fun with friends and family, and even get a little exercise. Justin Bieber The Hunger Games books have been followed by many teens and has gained such an audience that even a movie has been made. It is a break from the usual vampire and zombie hype. Music Television Celebrities Video Games Food Books Electronics Fashion/Style Clothing Magazines Just Dance Magazines These teen magazines used to be the source of all teen celebrity gossip, but with social media, teens can now get the latest news with just a click of a button and updates from celebrities themselves. LMFAO Their hit single "Party Rock Anthem" used to be the ultimate party song, but the catchy tune started to get old as it was overplayed. He was first discovered through his YouTube videos and overtime, he has gained popularity around the world with the use of social media. Before with his song, "One Time," he was made fun of by most. But, with the release of "Boyfriend," he started to become a greater hit with teenage girls and even some boys. Food This sweet treat was made popular in South Korea, but originated in North America. Whether it is for the health reasons or just the fact that it tastes good, they are consumed quite often. Fashion/Style Originating from Asia, Europe, or anywhere for that matter, these hair styles, and clothing choices have made their way to North America. It is not that hard to find someone with these styles now-a-days. Travel/ Sport Travel/ Sport Hawaii Hawaii has always been a favorite vacation spot and is still one of the first places that people think of to go to now. The warm weather and beautiful views make it anyone's dream vacation spot. Gameboy Advanced With the creation of much more innovative technology, kids have switched their Gameboys for top of the line gaming systems. The Twilight Saga After the final release of the last movie, the hype about the Twilight series. Along the way, all the talk about vampires has died down or otherwise transferred to other supernatural beings; witches, zombies, etc. American Idol American Idol was a top rated T.V. show until the show's judges were changed and new talent shows took its place at the top of the pyramid. Now, similar shows like the Voice or X-Factor have taken their fans and usual viewers. Media focuses on stories that they know will get them the most attention; stories that they know people will tune in to see. People get influenced by what they see on T.V.; in turn, whatever media chooses to focus on helps establish pop culture. Your individual identity can be affected by pop culture because it can influence what you want to buy and how you want to look. Pop culture is thought to be what is the "in" clothes, the "in" music, or the "in" styles. People want to be on the bandwagon and have the newest of everything. Pop culture is greatly influenced by the big powers of the world. This includes North America, specifically the U.S.A.
-Most items in pop culture are produced in the U.S.A.
-Many celebrities that people are interested in are based in or live in the U.S.A.
-Lots of people are able to access popular items in the U.S.A because of the export all around the world.
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