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Keenan Lomond

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Vikings

Shields and Axes
Axes are the most common weapon that the vikings used. They had long wooden handles and the used T shaped axes to cut wood. Most axes were decorated.
Shields were round and made of wood, a iron rosin center protecting the warriors hand holding the sword. Most shields were covered with leather or painted brightly.
Vikings used many weapons like arrows and spears. In wars they did hand to hand fighting but they had weapons like swords, axes and heavy shields for protection. Their deadliest weapon was the sword which was made from several rods of iron, twisted together when hot and hammered flat after welded on.They would have helmets on their face for protection and guards up to their nose and cheeks.

Bows and Arrows
Helmets were important for the viking culture. The helmets would protect their face, mainly their nose and cheeks. Their helmets were made out of metal or leather and most of them had a nose piece to protect their nose. Mainly their eyes were cut out for sight in war.
All of our information was found from books
The books we used were:

MacDonald, Fiona, Philip Steele, Philip Steele, and Fiona MacDonald. Raiders of the North: [discover the Dramatic World of the Celts and Vikings]. London: Southwater, 2001

Martell, Hazel, and Francesca D'Ottavi. Myths and Civilization of the Vikings. New York: Peter Bedrick, 1998.

Margeson, Susan M., and Peter Anderson. Viking. New York: Knopf, 1994.

Swords are made of iron and encrusted with silver or copper. a beautiful sword signified someone rich or powerful. Swords were usually double edged. Blacksmiths made swords by fusing several strips of iron together then twisted metal,hammered it out and polished it smooth. They added carbon while red hot to produce sharp steel edges.Some swords were given names by sharpness,strength of the blade, or decoration of the hilt. The sword was buried with its owner when they died.
Spears were used mostly for thrusting and had large broad blades. Throwing spears had much lighter narrower blades so they could fly straight and true. The spearhead was made out of bronze, and it was decorated with silver, they were also used for stabbing. Lighter narrow-bladed spears were used for throwing.
Arrows were used for hunting and in battle. They had sharp iron heads, feathers, a shaft of flexible birch wood, and some heads were made of reindeer antlers. The bows had flexible wood like yew and bowstring of twisted fibers. They held a leather quiver (the pouch)
Viking Masonry

Our prezi was fun doing. The prezi was all about the viking weapons. These weapons were from a long time ago but these were very useful to them. Everything about the vikings was facinating, its unfortunate all we could tell you was about the masonary. Atleast now you know what weapons the viking used in their age of time, we hope you enjoyed our prezi.
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