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Smart-Home System

No description

Claudia Solà

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of Smart-Home System

OUTLINE A design made for effortless use:
Easy and fast navigation

NO lists

The first aim of the project is to build a template for the design.
We use brainstorming to find many possible solutions
We select the most convenient one. Our original view point and aim: … for the foundations on which to build the design. BRAINSTORMING THE HOUSE MAP 3D VIRTUAL TOUR COVER-FLOW LAUNCH PAD ! Originally designed for a tablet or phone. SMART-HOME SYSTEM Aditya Sakhuja-Jacques Senet-Larson-Claudia Solà Sanz CUSTOMIZATION LAUNCH PAD EXPANDED FUNCTIONALITY COVER-FLOW LAUNCH PAD DESIGN FUNCTIONALITY cover-flow & launch pad presentation of a Smart-Home System Application Introduction


Design Functionality


Conclusions CONCLUSIONS SUMMARY Versatile design, sense of universality.

Simple features, already commonly known by the user.

Easy comprehension and fast navigation through the application.

Simple design allows the option of introducing esthetical features: CUSTOMIZATION With this application the user can easily control electrical devices and critical systems in his house via his smart phone or tablet.

After brainstorming we've decided to implement the cover-flow and Launch pad templates.

The final interface is elegant and user-friendly, and caters to a wide range of users.
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