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Structural Family Therapy

Meet the Parents/Fockers

Michelle Marie

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Structural Family Therapy

Discussion: Unbalancing Reframing Results Circle of Trust Structural Family Therapy Instead of viewing Jack as the instigator,The family becomes aware of Jack's
real issues with trust and agrees to
support his efforts to work on his PTSD
and help him get back to a place where he
can love his daughter without being emeshed.
With the family involved in Jack's treatment we have restructured the family unit. Meet The Parents, And The Fockers! Greg and Pam Focker are
coming to Tore and I for family therapy to address enmeshment issues with Pam's father, Jack and Pam and how it negatively affects Greg.

Pam is pregnant and
afraid the stress will affect the pregnancy.
Jack is afraid Greg will not be a sufficient father and is struggling with massive trust issues and PTSD.

Greg's parents Bernie and Roz are fed up with Jack's abusive and demeaning treatment toward their son and the Focker family in general. Greg Focker, Pam's Fiance Meets Pams Parents, Jack's
intimidation- leads Greg Lying Jack is over-emmeshed with Pam, very distrustful, displays trauma/trust issues which triggers others Both Greg and Jack are triggered by each others lies. Greg discoers Jacks "truth", that he was a former CIA agent and uses a lie detector test on Greg. The constant lying keeps this sequence going in a cyclic format.

Sequential Patterns Scenario: DeterminingHeirarchy Pamela Byrnes Dina Byrnes Jack Byrnes Greg/Gaylord Focker

Last in Hierarchical structure
Over-concerned with impressing Pams parents
Embaressed of Family
Feels demeaned by Jack Bernie and Roz Focker
Greg's parents
Jewish American
Roz is Sex Therapist
Very supportive of son
Frustrated with Heirarchal structure Head of Family Heiarchy
Over-emeshed with youngest Daughter Pam
Controlling with wife
Obsessed with Cat
Ex-CIA agent disquesed as florist
Vietnam Veteran/PTSD Jack's Wife
Next in "command" but equal with Pam in heirarchy
Submissive Very emeshed with father
Does not assert boundaries
Pregnant with Greg's Child.
Over-concerned with gaining fathers approval
Feels trapped/ unheard These are signficant events that portray the heirarchal roles in the family members.
Can you regognize any significant boundary, power, emeshment, abusive or repression issues?

Do you think Roz was correct about Jack's regarding his inner child? Fostering Self-Efficacy we remind the family that
prior to the Byrnes' meeting the Fockers, Greg and Jack did make peace. We suggest Jack could re-connect with this event and grow from here. Enactment Those on the lower heirarchal level (DIna, Pam, Bernie and Roz) are instructed to speak out against Jack. As Jack speaks, he is interupted by therapists. Clients are given homework to assert themselves toward Jack. Jack Asserts Most
Control and Dictates Conversation in and out of session Greg, Pam, Roz and Bernie feel
bullied and silenced.

In session they are now encouraged to restructure their role, assert themselves inside and outside of therapy. Greg, Pam, Dina and Bernie
Successfully assert themselves
Creating equalibrium within the family unit. Jack is upset with the
changes being made and those used to obeying him standing up to him. But is part of restructuring. After reframing, restructuring, unbalancing, recognizing sequence, fostering self-eficacy, Structural Therapy was successful in helping the Byrnes and Focker family form a positive family unit. Head of family
PTSD Vietnam war veteran
Ex-CIA disguised florist
Over-emeshed with daughter
Afraid Greg will not be sufficient as a father or spouse for Pam Circle of Trust:

Manipulation of Hierarchical role in family?
Example of Jack's Trust Issues?
Misuse of Power?
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