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Fitzgerald's Party!!!

No description

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Fitzgerald's Party!!!

Fitzgerald's Party!!!
Your Guests:
Your Entertainment
Ambiance Committee
Your Life
As time went on you met and had a crush on a woman named Zelda she was the inspiration for Gatsbys wife in The Great Gatsby, Daisy (
F.Scott Fitzgerald-Biography
Also the fact that you love two women and one rejected you like the book character Daisy. In the book and real life you were both drunks and they both tried or implied at one point in their life that you were going to try to be clean (not at all) (
F.Scott Fitzgerald-Biography
For one of the most obvious in your parallel worlds is that they both devoted a lot of your time trying to get at the girl you loved.
Both of you want to succeed so badly throughout your life failures (
F.Scott Fitzgerald-Biography

Appetizers: Pastry Pigs
Cold-fried Chicken
First Course: Turkey
Hors D’Oeuvres

Snack: Salad
Second Course: Pig Sausages
Mashed potatoes
Glazed Ham
People invited to party :
(1) His wife and his children
(2) Rich middle-aged men, seeking entertainment;
(3) Young bodacious women, musicians, and performers;

List of people who may be in New york for the occasion: Ernest Hemingwar, Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, Woodrow Wilson, Duke Ellington, Bessis Smith, Henry ford, Zelda Sayre, Coco Channel.


Gin Rickey
Mint Juleps

What do the members of the upper social class of the 1920’s wear to a formal event? Remember that both men and women pay particular attention to their attire at this time.
Men: tailored suit, with matching bowtie and bollman hat
Women: a bob hair cut with a sequin dress shin length
What is the dress code for this party?
Well this party is on a yacht, so dress to the recommended above^
-Minted ice syrup

-Turkey Breast,drumsticks,thighs

-well done

Balled up

Banks closed
-no kissing or making out

- complain


Dumb dora
-a stupid female

- very good

cash or check?
- kiss now or later?

Guests can participate in the following dances and have a great time: The Charleston, Foxtrot, Quickstep, The Black Bottom, and the Texas Tommy (
-salt,honey,garlic,bay leaves,thyme,sage
-black peppercorns,berries,celery leaves
Dress Code:
What are the latest trends? Include hairstyles, accessories, jewelry, do’s and don’t’s.
Women: Short dresses, Bob cuts, heavy unnatural make-up, long beaded necklaces, sequin headbands with feathers.
Men: wore a pair of slacks, bollman hat, bowtie, vest, and a matching blazer
Address who the flappers were as well as how they were a reflection of societal trends.
Flappers are females who decide to wear what they wear and go against social norms, which later became normal to dress like a flapper. At the time, if any women wore dresses that showed their feet, they were considered as sleeping with alot of men, but flappers wore dresses that were shin length.

-oranges,guava/apple jelly,cloves
-Bone in-smack ham
-Hot Dogs
Dress Code
-Cresent Rolls
The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Speakeasies- secretive people among other type of business
At the party there will be dancing, performances, and guests can watch flappers dancing (
slang words
Performers include:
Larry Elgart and his orchestra
Fletcher Henderson
Glenn Miller
Song that will be played throughout dinner and during the dance portion are:
The Charleston
Yes sir that's my baby
Five foot Two Eyes of Blue
Five foot Two Eyes of Blue Lyrics:
Flapper Dancer
Larry Elgart And His Orchestra
Glenn Miller
"1920 to 1929." <i>Glamourdaze</i>. 1 Jan. 2009. Web. 1 May 2015. &lt;http://glamourdaze.com/history-of-womens-fashion/1920-to-1929#key-styles&gt;.
"1920's Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide." <i>Vintage Dancer</i>. 19 Apr. 2011. Web. 1 May 2015. &lt;http://www.vintagedancer.com/1920s/1920s-fashion-men/&gt;.
Performer names, songs, and videos from Youtube
Although Prohibition forced Americans to smuggle in alcohol, you were able to attain these beverages:
Pictures from google
Gross Dalton (1998).
understanding the great Gatsby
. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood press p.167.
Recipe ingredients from epicurious.com
Attained drinks through bootleggers
Were forced to do business with them
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