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VIU TLCP Assignment #2, Moral Stewardship Module

The Moral Foundation of Teaching

Jennifer Hedican

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of VIU TLCP Assignment #2, Moral Stewardship Module

Obligation to Community
and the World obligation to the student to: obligation to
myself to: obligation to my colleagues contine to grow and seek new methods, strategies, techniques by participating in Pro-D activities, self directed readings, and discussion groups do reflective practice about my actions and my beliefs be honest, trustworthy, kind and true to who I am to be supportive of all staff members to approach them directly about any concerns with their work practices
use tactfulness and compassion when discussing concerns participate in joint ventures that creat harmony in spirit and educational focus for our students to have citizens that are concerned about others and the environment to produce citizens that are able to think critically about complex problems and use creativity to put solutions in to action plant the seeds of currency of knowledge
the ability to read, spell,write
the ability to use nubmers provide exposure to different areas of possible interests, all with their own numerous streams:
scientific knowledge
physical activities
naturalistic activities
personal connections bend the curriculm to fit the child, not the other way around suspend judgement of child and always respect who they present to me encourage belief in student's abilities by giving them solid foundations of knowldege trust in the student to be able to gain knoweldge in their own time and need organize learning activities that provide key concepts that one cannot typically learn on their own just by natural exploration I have lived for ever with water all around and yet never know that it is made up of hydrogen (2 parts even!) and oxygen, except for being taught this in school.
I had never travelled to glacier fjords, not explored the physics of electrical currents, never written a piece of music, designed another language nor spoken with my hands until I came upon them in my educational studies. respect that I cannot possible define for any child what is the right path for them to travel in life encourage, foster and instill belief that they can be succesful on any path they choose teach in a way that enages minds interactive
hands on social connection oral discussions projects that can show what you know effective positive feedback that is useful live a life that models the message I am delivering to students of the benefits of a healthy life:
exercise, emotional health
variety of interests
continually learning provide an emotionally safe place ensure safe, calm, caring, trusting, encouraging environment acknowledge and celebrate growth set goals and beliefs in their abilities to achieve these goals understand their thinking processes when they have errors and to help them see a safe way to change that never belittle, be critical or hurtful in my actions or words be aware that sometimes their emotional needs supercede their academic needs to never engage in intrusive, abusive or exploitative relationship with students
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