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Respiratory system

No description

jen baiocco

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Respiratory system

Respiratory System This system is made up of structures and organs that help move oxygen gas into the body. This gas is used by all cells for
aerobic respiration This system also moves the gas carbon dioxide out of the body which is a waste product of this process. What is the chemical equation for cellular respiration? glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water + energy Let's look at the organs of this system... nose
warms air
lined with fine hairs called cillia and stuicky mucus that filters air pharynx
back of mouth
location of epiglottis which prevents food from entering airway larynx
location of vocal cords trachea
tube made from rings of cartilage through which air travels to your lungs
lined with mucus and cillia bronchi
two short tubes which lead to the lungs bronchioles
narrow tubes which lead to the lungs alveoli
clusters of tiny thin-walled sacs
surrounded by thin-walled blood vessels called capillaries
site of gas exchange by the process diffusion oxygen gas enters the blood
carbon dioxide gas leaves the blood Why do we breathe? increased levels of carbon dioxide gas in the blood signals your brain to breathe changes in air pressure force the diaphragm muscle to move up and down to control breathing Disorders bronchitis healthy lung lung cancer What causes lung cancer? cigarette tar
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