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Edible Films Presentation

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on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Edible Films Presentation

Andrea Jackson, Latoya Morris-Key, and Angelina Bartley Baking Mix and Prepared Food Manufacturing Problems Microbial contamination (shortened shelf life and/or food-borne illness)

Quality deterioration (sogginess/staleness) Market Analysis Prepared Food Industry Produces short-lived ready-to-eat foods
Can be sold as hot, room temperature, shelf-stable, refrigerated or frozen foods
Require minimal preparation (usually heating) Has over 70 major brands; the core business includes beverage, cheese, dairy foods, snack foods and RTE foods
Has been in business over 100 years
Has over 100,000 employees worldwide Has the largest banana brand in North America and Japan; #2 in Europe.
In 2011, fresh fruits accounted for 69% of sales.
Employs, on average, 36,000 full-time, regular employees and 23,000 full-time seasonal or temporary employees, worldwide. Founded in 1919 when two brothers opened Flowers Baking Company in Thomasville, GA
2/28/2013 $360 million dollar bid was accepted by Hostess Brands Inc.
Second largest baking company in the USA behind Grupo Bimbo. Nutcracker Brands was bought by Ralcorp in 2004 and Ralcorp was purchased by ConAgra this past January
Ralcorp specializes in private label products
The nut division is based out of Dothan, Alabama Hillandale Farms of FL Inc. was bought by Cal-Maine Foods on 10/12/2005
Produces eggs and egg products. Also operates a agricultural farm Solutions Edible films have antimicrobial properties

Serve to prevent moisture transfer by acting as a barrier Strengths • Spending on food is necessary for everyone and is
an established part of the household budget
• Consumer demands for convenience have served to
increase the opportunities for food retail, which are
no longer confined to the traditional food outlets or
to daylight hours.
•About 70% of the U.S. population has access to the
company’s fresh bakery foods through a network of
independent distributors. Flowers Food
Analysis Weaknesses • Flowers has increased its debt load more than fivefold in the period since acquiring Tasty Baking Co. in May 2011 for $175 million.

•Product recall (10/2011 Canada & US) Mrs. Freshley’s Strawberry Fruit and Pastry Cereal Bars Opportunities • New Opportunities to expand into the baking and restaurant industry Threats •Highly competitive market
•Changing consumer demands
(freshness, safety & convenience) Red Ocean Strategy Canvas Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas Raise Eliminate Reduced Create Four Actions
Implementation Team Member's Roles Cost Personnel Latoya Morris-Key Andrea Jackson Angelina Bartley Total Cost= 1,000,000.00 Materials Product Equipment Marketing Strategy Questions ? Food Safety &
Quality Control Research & Development Agri- Business Mrs. Freshley's (Apple Pie) Availability is one factor that should
be raised by Flowers Food. The company should consider expanding into the northwest regions. Flowers Food is known for its reduced prices. The demand for ready-to-eat foods has increased. Low prices can be eliminated then raised to produce more profit. Flowers Food can reduce its debt by adding edible films to their product line. This will reduce recalls, prevent waste, and increase shelf life. Flowers Food would have more opportunity to expand by creating its own line of baking mixes. Product cost= 225,00.00 Materials cost= 325,000.00 Equipment Cost= 225,000.00 Need a Consultant
Will utilize in-house staff
Need to hire 4 new worker Personnel Cost= 225,000.00 Vendor Events
Boost Consumers Confidence
Create Awareness
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