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Why did Hitler hate the Jews


Kalyan Joseph

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Why did Hitler hate the Jews

Hitler believed that the people could be divided by race
Believed that 'Aryan' race was strongest and best
Jews not considered to be human.
Hitler believed this and wasnt even of the Aryan race he created
Hitler believed that the solution was to banish all Jews.
Although many Germans didn't like Jews, he was the first person to actively banish them from Germany,He wanted genocide towards jews and got what he wanted.
Hitlers Environment
Hitler hated the Jews because they brought the ideas of communism and Marxism. He didn't like that.
When Germany lost WW1, he claimed the Jews stabbed them in the back
Hitler was looking for every single oppurtunity to bring shame upon the jews
Hitler went to Vienna
There were strong German nationalist there
Hitler was impressed with the people's belief about inferior races.
He hates Jews
Anti-Semitism has a long history but got worse in Germany during 1930s and 1940s.
Hitler wasn't the first person to hate the Jews, he just grew up around anti-semitic people.
As a youth living in Vienna,Austria where anti-semitism was widespread.Hitler was living little better than a tramp.He was surrounded by rich successful jews which made him even angrier.
Lots of Germans wanted someone to blame for their bad luck and loss. Hitler found the Jews easy to target and blame for Germany's failure.
we got resources from http://www.annefrank.org/en/Education/Teachers-portal/Pupilsquestions/Why-did-Hitler-hate-Jews/

Why did Hitler hate the Jews?
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