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Cognitive Architectures

Seminar: Human-Robot-Interaction

Stefan Profanter

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Cognitive Architectures

What is cognition? attention memory producing & understanding
language problem solving reasoning learning decision making Cognitive Architectures Seminar: Human Robot Interaction Stefan Profanter 10.12.2012 What is an
architecture? planning designing constructing Cognitive architecture Blueprint for an intelligent agent (very formally to implement directly):
Representational assumptions (structure)
Memory characteristics
Processes that operate on memory (learning, knowledge, behavior)

- Imitate human
- restriction of artificial intelligence Cognitivist approach Emergent approach Hybrid knowledge stored in symbols
symbolic information processing
knowledge is designed by human and can be interpreted directly by human
independent of physical platform
actions: causal consequences of symbol processing
difficulties to handle complex, noisy, dynamic environments adapts to the environment to maintain autonomy
operate synchronously in real-time with events in environment
dynamic knowledge, result of interaction
physical instance important
learing: skill construction, system builds its own understanding combines aspects of emergent and cognitivist:
avoid explicit programmer-based knowledge
use perception-action behaviors
learn tasks which it isn't
explicitly designed for
cognitivist representations constructed by system itself Examples Examples Examples ACT-R AAR Kismet http://bit.ly/cogArch
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