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My Story - My Past, My Present, My Future

Personal Statement

Renata Sison

on 24 June 2016

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Transcript of My Story - My Past, My Present, My Future

My Past, My Present, My Future
My Story

The Past
I have always been a life long learner, whether in the traditional sense of schooling, every day life lessons and experiences, to people I meet through out my travels! My journey began very early as a young child immigrant from a communist country that came to the United States for a better education and hope for a better future. Who knew that the Wall would eventually come down and the cold war would be over.
My Goal!
My Future!
In summary the SDMBA program is it. This is the educational and learner experience that I have been looking for. One that educates and inspires as well as respects life-work balance. The design and structure of this program of utilizing Analytical and Design Intelligence with Creative Intelligence will provide me the advantage to further my career, and personal growth both in my professional and personal life. Respectively, my professional healthcare experience and personal individuality will add value to the diversity of the program.
Thank you for your time and consideration for the Fall 2015 SDMBA program.

Renata Sison
The Early Years
I completed the traditional education of graduating from High School and College, along with a semester of study abroad in Lyon, France. One of my most cherished experiences to this day. Learning about the culture, the architecture, the arts and language were wonderful added bonuses to my Business Curriculum. I loved all of those aspects of study but did not know how to pursue it in a form of a career. I settled for enjoying those activities in my personal life, and I chose a career in business. I felt this direction would provide more opportunities. As with any bright eyed, newly graduated student, I entered the working world with much enthusiasm and a bright future!
Personal and Creative Pursuits
While I enjoyed the professional side of my life, my personal interests took up the majority of my free time. I enjoyed learning and participating in all forms of art, design, and lectures. I enjoyed creating needlepoint pieces to renovating my home. I stayed active in sporting events such as adventure races and triathlons. I loved traveling both domestically and abroad, and trying new challenges, such as scuba diving. I needed to stay fresh and experience all that life had to offer.
The Early Career Opportunities!
Right out of college I took on an operational role and worked my way up to a manager role in a Provider's office. It was supposed to be a temporary job while I looked for a better suited role that supported my educational background in Finance and International Business. I realized that I truly enjoyed the small office atmosphere and working with patients, hospital staff, and health insurers. At the same time I was managing financial accounts and assisting with running the business. Around this time the Healthcare industry, more specific the Insurance company's were starting to grow and develop new products and solutions in the marketplace and the industry and competition grew.
Time for Change!
My temporary job turned into a seven year engagement and I was ready for a change and move forward with my career and growth opportunities. I also knew I had wanted to pursue a Master's program but that could wait. I had set a goal to work a few years in the real world to gain better insight into what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do when I grew up! I began researching MBA programs, I applied to different Healthcare and Finance companies, I even pursued career opportunities in my dream job at the United Nations! Much to my surprise I landed an offer at the United Nations, but it was not meant to be. Due to several factors and decisions based on personal and family goals, (
I was after all a young newlywed with BIG plans!)
I declined the offer and chose to work for a BIG Healthcare Company in Philadelphia! Independence Blue Cross! But still no luck in finding the right educational program.
Time certainly does go by when you love what you do. Over the past 15 years at Independence Blue Cross I have worked in a variety of roles from an individual contributor to leadership roles. I have worked in analytics, financial/budget support, production, creative support, vendor management and leading teams through change. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. Our company is leading the way in Innovation and Leading the Way in Healthcare. I look forward to being a part of this movement and gaining more knowledge, training and positioning myself to add more value to my company's growth. I want to impact the change in our company culture, our community to be hybrid thinkers. I had participated in our Company's Innovation classes, becoming an Innovation Champion. I was inspired by the group of participants who were like minded, creative and open to solving problems in different ways. I needed more of this style of thinking. I began researching Master programs again.

My personal pursuits still continued just in a different direction, I had a family of my own and spending time with them was very important to me. We are a multi-cultural family that spans across the world living in Poland, Philippines, and the US. We are always looking for unique ways to connect and spend time together. At times it maybe via social media at others it is a far flung location for a vacation. My husband and I are committed to supporting our 12 year old son in his pursuit and love of hockey. Our travels for competitive hockey takes us a far south as Virginia, north to Canada and west to Minnesota. I also volunteer both in my professional life as well as in my community and youth sports.

I first heard about the SDMBA Program when Dr. Natalie Nixon was a guest speaker at the Innovations Insights Sessions at Independence Blue Cross in the fall of 2014. It was the first time I think I ever had an "aha" moment. This type of program truly resonated with me and would further my education in truly being a hybrid thinker. It is fresh, progressive and would be a welcome change in my day to day responsibilities and inspiring others to think differently, more creatively. Just think of the opportunities in the Healthcare Industry now! I know the SDMBA is the program that is well suited for my personality, career and interests that will help me in achieving my goals.

What I in turn hope to offer and contribute to the program and to my cohorts is over 1 7 years of experience in the Healthcare industry, analytical intelligence, creativity, leadership and dedication to the success of the overall team!
Renata Sison
The Present - My Career and Family
The Future - Strategic Design MBA
Presented by: Renata Sison
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