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Physics Project Dr. Who


Matthew Naughton

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Physics Project Dr. Who

Creatures and Weapons Physics of Doctor Who Preview Speed The Silence Sonic Screwdriver The Daleks Review A Brief History History/Background
Speed (of a Weeping Angel)
Equilibrium (flying/hovering in air)
Electricity (Electrocution)
Sound/Vibrations (Sonic Screwdriver)
Bonus (fun/funny stuff) Speed: the distance traveled by a body per unit of time. The Silence are perceived only while being viewed; they are instantly forgotten once a viewer looks away.
The Silence also use an energy discharge from their hands to displace someone, leaving behind only debris. Known to scream, "Exterminate!"
The Daleks are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse.
The Doctor's greatest enemies, they have tried to destroy the universe on many occasions.
Mutated Kaleds encased in a "Mark III travel machine" making them a kind of cyborg Formally known as a sonic probe, or sonic device
A non-lethal tool used by the Doctor
Has a variety of settings
Doesn't work on wood
Makes a slight buzzing noise when used Speed
Weeping Angels
The Silence
Sonic Screwdriver The Doctor is an alien that ran away from his home planet to wander the stars in search of adventure. He usually is accompanied by a companion (usually a human) and they save worlds and prevent disasters from happening all while traveling through time and space. The Docotr usually loses his companions in his travels and eventually picks up a new one. Whenever the Doctor dies, he regenerates which is the renewal of every cell in his body, including his brain. He retains all previous knowledge from past regenerations but gains a new body as well as personality due to the regeneration of every cell in his body (the renewal of his brain cells changes his personality while renewal of his body cells changes his appearance). Through his travels, the Doctor encounters many different life forms and weapons which he is able to identify and explain to his companions (usually explaining the danger and the need to run). Any questions please hold till later so we can get on with the presentation. Allons-y! Background info The Doctor is an alien, a cool alien
It's just, "Doctor"
He has two hearts
Fezzes are cool, bowties are also cool
Don't dis the sonic
He's really smart
Don't blink
He's fun to travel with
WHEN HE SAYS RUN, RUN!!!!!! Disclaimer Concepts In order of appearance Speed
Weeping Angels
Equilibrium (flying/hovering in air)
Electricity (Electrocution)
The Silence
Sonic Screwdriver The Weeping Angels Don't blink... Unfortunately, all of the creatures and weapons used as examples are fictional. However, it could just be that we live in a parallel universe to the Doctor's. The Weeping Angels Once called, "The lonely assassins"
Statues only when you see them, these ceatures have a perfect defense system ever evolved
Quantum locked, they don;t exist when observed, when seen by any other living creature, they freeze into rock
"They are fast, faster than you can believe." -Tenth Doctor
What to do if you encounter one: Don't blink, don't turn your back, or look away, and run. S Speed (m/s) = d Distance (m) / t Time (s) Speed: the distance traveled by a body per unit of time (m/s)
Distance: the actual path length covered by a body (meters)
Time: measure of how long it takes for something to happen (seconds) Distance and speed are directly related. As the distance gets bigger, the speed needed to go the distance in the same amount of time increases, therefore making speed increase. If Sally Sparrow is standing at a window looking at two Weeping Angels standing on a building across the street, and she blinks (for .3 seconds) and the distance between the two buildings is 150 m, how fast must the Angels move to get to the other building? If the building were 175 m away? 200 m? Word Problem t= .3 seconds
d= 150 m
s= ? m/s s= d/t
s= 150/.3
s= 500 m/s t= .3 seconds
d= 200 m
s= ? m/s t= .3 seconds
d= 175 m
s= ? m/s s= d/t
s= 200/.3
s= 666.667 m/s s= d/t
s= 175/.3
s= 583. 33 m/s 500 m/s is equivalent to 1118.47 mph. 583.33 m/s is equivalent to 1305 mph. 666.667 m/s is equivalent to 1491.3 mph. s = d/t Equilibrium The Daleks Exterminate! Exterminate! Equilibrium: when a body is at rest or in unaccelerated motion in which the resultant of all forces acting on it is zero. = x F g Force of gravity (N) m Mass (kg) a g Acceleration of gravity (m/s ) 2 = F r Force of repulsion (N) Force of repulsion: the force required to push against the forces of gravity and float upwards (N)
Force of gravity: the force exerted on someone or something by the Earth's gravitational pull (N)
Mass: the amount of matter something has (kg)
Acceleration of gravity: he acceleration imparted to bodies by the attractive force of the earth (m/s ) Word Problem If a Dalek that was wiped out of existence and then reanimated by a restoration field, and wished to kill the Doctor, and must levitate off of the ground to get to him, how much force does it have to exert to overcome Earth’s gravity if it has a mass of 68 kilograms? 2 F = F F = m x a F = ?
m = 68 kg
a = 9.8 m/s g g g r r r 2 F = 68 x 9.8
F = 666.4 N r r Mass and force are directly related. As the mass of the Dalek increases, the force required to overcome gravity increases as well. Electricity The Silence Voltage: an electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts. V Voltage of lightning bolt (V) L = x I Current of lightning bolt (A) L R A Resistance of air (Ω) Current: the rate at which charge flows through matter
Resistance of air: the physical property of air, by virtue of which power is lost as heat when current flows through it Word Problem Say a Silence wanted to kill a human that annoyed it. If the Silence wanted to kill the pesky human, and the current of charge it produces is 35 KA and regular air resistance is 109 Ω/m, what is the voltage of the lightning bolt that the Silence used to kill the human? What if the Silence used 40 KA of current? V L = x I L R A V = ?
I = 35 KA (35000 A)
I = 40 KA (40000 A)
R = 100 Ω/m V = 35000 x 109
V = 3815000 V

V = 40000 x 109
V = 4360000 V This voltage is about 36000 times more than what is in a regular wall socket. As current increases, so does voltage, which shows a direct relationship between the two. Sound/Vibrations The Sonic Screwdriver Resonant frequency: frequency at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum and at this frequency, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude oscillations, because the system stores vibrational energy. _____ = f r Resonant frequency (Hz) v Wave velocity (m/s) λʎ λ λ Wavelength (m) Word Problem Wave velocity: how fast a wave is moving
Wavelength: the length of the wave in meters If the Doctor needs to match the resonant frequency of a lock (which has a resonant frequency of 120 Hz) to break open a gate, what is the wavelength that he needs to set the Sonic Screwdriver at if the wave velocity is stuck at 3600 m/s? r f = 120 Hz
v = 3600 m/s
= ? r 3600 _____ 120 = = 30 m As wave velocity increases, so does wavelength showing a direct relationship between the two. QUESTIONS? If not, then... GERONIMO!
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