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Evolution of Gaming

No description

Libin Thomas

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of Gaming

Evolution of Gaming
The first game console was the Magnavox Odyssey invented in 1972. It was designed by Ralph Baer, who began designing it around 1966 and had a working prototype finished by 1968. The finished product was known as the brown box. It ran the first interactive video called "pong". This is a digital version of the game ping pong or table tennis.
The Atari 2600
By Libin Thomas
The Very First
Nintendo Entertainment
System (NES)
Sony PlayStation
The X-Box
The Big Boys
This console was released by Atari in 1977. It was bundled with two joystick controllers, a conjoined pair of paddle controllers, and a cartridge game: initially Combat and later Pac-Man. It was originally called the Atari VCS (video computer system), but after the other models were made it got the name Atari 2600.
Mattel's Intellivision
The Intellivision was created in 1978 and sold in 1979. Its name is shortened for intelligent television. Over 3 million Intellivision consoles were sold and a total of 125 games were released for the console. This company had to compete mainly with Atari, Sega, and Nintendo and in the end, did not become as popular.
The Nintendo Entertainment System was an 8 bit console released in 1985 that was not just the best back then but even today. It started famous games like Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong Jr, and yes, Super Mario Bros. IGN rates this system as the the best console of all time for the decades of entertainment it provided.
The Sony PlayStation (PS one) was released in 1994. It was the first in a trio of Sony game consoles that are still around and recognized as top sellers. The PS one alone has made billions, selling 102 million+ consoles worldwide. The games made for it exceed 10,000 today. There is a reason why enough money was made to continue the PlayStation project.
The Nintendo GameCube was officially released in 2001 and used mini DVDs instead of full sized DVDs. It was the first Nintendo console to support online play, and that brought up its popularity and even allowed it to compete with Sony and Microsoft.
Nintendo GameCube
The original x-box was released in 2001 by Microsoft. It had included a service called x-box live, which gave players a better online experience than the Sony PS2, but also required a payment. The X-Box's greatest seller is said to be the Halo series. Although the original X-box was discontinued, the games played on it still live on in other models.
X-Box 360
- Sony's latest
- Earned $4 billion
- 3 different styles
and looks
- Microsoft's latest
- Earned $8.1 billion
- 3 different styles
and looks
- Nintendo's latest project
- Earned $87.6 billion
- Accessories include
Kinect-motion sensor,
customizable skins,
and charging dock
- only 1 style
include Sixaxis
motion controller,
bluetooth headset,
PS Move remote,
and PS eye
- Accessories include
uDraw tablet, sports attachments, Ultra Wireless Sensor Bar,
Wii microphone, and Wii controller/remote
Thanks for Playing
No One
So I
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