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Triple Beam Balance

No description

Eve Nhan

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balance Make sure that the lines are matched up Yes No Place your object on the scale To find the weight of the object,
use the bar that is marked up to 10g. If the object is heavier than 10g,
move to the bar that is marked up to 100g. If the object is heavier than 100g, use the bar that is marked up to 500g Star off with the greatest amount of weight. Then move to the second greatest Lastly, add the least amount of weight Record the Weight Mass + Density + Volume Office Library P.E. Art 73 Fahrenheit 70 Fahrenheit 70 Fahrenheit 72 Fahrenheit Around Carpenter Hill Mass + Density + Volume Use the Knob(located under the platform) to calibrate the balance. Thank You Pencil Paper 1/2Tablespoon Scissors Highlighter Expo Marker Full Glue Stick Eraser Popped Bubble Wrap Foil floats floats floats sank floats floats floats Floats floats sank Computers and Printers Tall and Big White Room Spacious and No Sunlight Are you Buoyant? How to Successfully use a Triple Beam Balance We think that how much/what material is used, effects it's buoyancy. Conclusion Gather materials
Fill up a container with water
Place objects in to the water and observe
Take out the object
Repeat with all of the other objects Procedures Observation DATA Results Place Here!!! EX: Pencil-floated-wood Eraser-sank-rubber
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