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how to make an animal mask

A step by step way of creatinga brilliant animal mask!

Julia Hope

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of how to make an animal mask

How to make an ANIMAL MASK! Starting off! BLow up a balloon and start covering it with paste... make sure you have layered the paste smoothly or it won't be easy to paint later Leave it ALONE! When you have fully covered your balloon leave it to dry DON't try and make it dry more quickly by using a hair dryer I tried this... my mask ended up having little bubbles covering it after all my hard work to keep it smooth... :s Stab it! When it is dry use an art knife to cut it in half through the middle! You may want an adult to do this to make sure there is no risk of you being hurt! Remember to pop the balloon BEFORE you cut it in half! On the table where you are working cover the surface with newspaper to prevent it getting ruined with paste Also gather everything you will need... which is...
1. newspaper
2. paste
3. paintbrush
4. art knife
5. paints
6. balloon
7. and string! Then... Grab your paints! Then let your artistic style take over... Once painted leave it to dry then put to holes roughly opposite eachother on each side of your mask and thread a bit of string through them tie a knot on the ends then try it on... Nearly there! Now you can scare your friends with your animal masks! THANKS for watching!
by Julia Hope
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