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Toronto the Watched: G20 & the surveilling of dissent

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Kate Milberry

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Toronto the Watched: G20 & the surveilling of dissent

Watching back: Sousveillance & social justice Parkdale Film & Video Festival
26 June 2011 Toronto the Watched:
G20, the AMC & the surveilling of dissent Faculty of Extension
University of Alberta
www:geeksandglobaljustice.com Kate Milberry, PhD North America has a long history of using the law & law enforcement to suppress activists and political dissidents. Sousveillance:
coined by Steve Mann
describes the recording of an activity from the perspective of a participant
by way of small portable or wearable recording devices that often stream continuous live video to the Internet. Inverse surveillance:
emphasizes "watchful vigilance from underneath"
a form of surveillance inquiry or legal protection involving the recording, monitoring, study, or analysis of surveillance systems, proponents of surveillance, and possibly also recordings of authority figures and their actions.
undertaken by those who are the subject of surveillance http://qik.com/video/8282541 Infiltration:
Lower levels of a militant Quebec anarchist group (media confirmation)
"Brenda" & "Khalid" >> G20 Joint Intelligence Group; 1 year investigation/ infiltration of Southwestern Ontario anarchist groups (media confirmation)
Unnamed operative >> 1-2 year infiltration of Ottawa activist community by (media confirmation)
Mark Kennedy >> Metropolitan Police Service, 7 years undercover spying on environmental activists in London
Bryan Van Brunt >> Seattle PD, 2 year infiltration of area activists
"Karen Sullivan" >> FBI; 2 year infiltration of Anti-War Committe in Minnesota (Prosecutor confirmation) 80,000 still images & countless hours of video footage, from surveillance cameras, plainsclothes officers & public
police have not released their footage, either from the 80+ surveillance cameras or the detention centre (where human rights abuses & charter violations were reported) TPS refuse to confirm if it was used during the protests
One report stated that G20 prisoners were to have their images scanned though facial recognition software AND also that there would be vehicles "on the scene" equipped with cameras tied into facial recognition databases to identify any wanted, or other people who are “known to police”, whose images they would be able to capture in the crowds.
There are also anecdotal reports from people detained by police during "kettling" instances & at the detention centre that FRS was used for predictive policing - preemptive arrests, ongoing harrassment & intimidation of activists
to frighten & deter those considering future action electronic surveillance
counterintelligence Social media BUT the TPS has admitted to sending images to the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), which will then use its facial recognition software to compare against images already in police databases to help identify suspects.
images came from private & police cameras, including the TPS CCTV cameras as well as undercover police officers. white hat hacker & security expert
expose the inadequacies of g20 security >> listen in on police scanners during the summit & disseminate via Twitter
keeping track of government surveillance of activists online
taken off a city bus and arrested
charged with serious offenses - "Intimidation of a justice system participant by watch and beset"
Only 1 of original 6 charges stands
Released on bail after 11 months = punative Byron Sonne documents the surveillance technologies and practices visible at the G20 Summit Facebook is "often cooperative with emergency requests."
Twitter "will not preserve data without legal process."
(EFF FOI request) La Fin
(merci) Kate Milberry, PhD
www.geeksandglobaljustice.com "An independent inquiry into this aspect of G20 policing is necessary to investigate the extent of undercover operations & address the limits on what police infiltrators can & cannot do while on assignment."~Canadian Civil Liberties Association Surveillance:
Police visted known activists at work and home
Police attended organizing meetings, covertly or openly; waited outside
Anedotal accounts of email sniffing
Cybersurveillance: monitoring of Facebook, Twitter & other online spaces & networks US federal agents use social networking sites to gather valuable information from & about suspects:

Discover personal communications
Establish motives and personal relationships
Find location information
Prove/disprove alibis
Establish crime or criminal enterprise

(Electronic Frontier Foudation, FOI request) "In the lead-up to last year's Group of Eight and Group of 20 meetings in Muskoka and Toronto, the Canadian government went to significant lengths to monitor Internet chatter and criticism of summits." ~ The Globe & Mail Police are given “spotter cards” enabling them to identify key members of protest groups, despite the fact that these individuals have no criminal records.
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