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The Fault in Our Stars, a Hero Journey from strength to weakness

No description

Carly Pappas

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars, a Hero Journey from strength to weakness

Call to Adventure Hazel and Augustus meet at support
group. He invites her to watch V for Vendetta at his house. The Hero's Journey The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green by Carly Pappas Supernatural Aid The supernatural aid for Hazel and Augustus is An Imperial Affliction. When they meet, Hazel has already read the book and fallen in love with it. She shares it with Augustus. This is important for both of them. Crossing First Threshold Hazel crosses the first threshold when she agrees to go to Augustus's house to watch V for Vendetta. I think giving him the book is also part of this step because the book means so much to her. The Belly of the Whale The Belly of the Whale occurs
while Hazel and
Augustus are sitting outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art. They are picnicking near the Funky Bones sculpture when Augustus offers to use his Wish to take Hazel to Amsterdam. Hazel agrees to let him do this and I think this is the moment she decides to let their relationship happen. The Road of Trials Hazel has to go into the ICU because her lungs have been filling with fluid. It seems like she is not going to be able to go to Amsterdam with Augustus.
When they reach Amsterdam, Van Houten refuses to see them. Even when they convince him to let them in, he will not tell them what they want to know.
Hazel and Augustus go to the Anne Frank House and it is very difficult for Hazel because she has to climb a lot of steep stairs. Meeting with the Goddess This step occurs when Augustus is reading An Imperial Affliction to Hazel. While he is reading Hazel thinks, "...I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, and then all at once." Temptation Augustus's temptation is his desire to be a hero. He ends up sick outside a gas station because he is trying to buy a pack of cigarettes. These cigarettes make him feel like he has power over death. Atonement with the Father This step occurs for Hazel when she realizes that it's okay if you don't know what happened after the book ended. She also realizes that when she dies, her mother will still be her mother. It occurs for Augustus when he lets go of his metaphors and existential crises. He knows he doesn't have to be a hero to a wide number of people to have lived a full and good life. Apostasis Augustus reaches apostastis when he finds out he is dying. He decides he likes what has happened and appreciates the opportunity to be Hazel's hero. The Ultimate Boon Hazel receives the ultimate boon when she gets the letter that Augustus wrote to Peter Van Houten. She realizes that it's okay to let people care for her if they want to risk losing her. The people who care for her are choosing to let themselves be hurt by her. Refusal of Return Hazel keeps trying to return to what she had with Augustus. She tries to find something she thinks he has written for her. She goes down to his room and experiences the last trace of him and tries to hold onto it. There is no Magic Flight because the boon is something she internalizes and there is no danger. Rescue from Without Hazel's parents rescue her as she's mourning Augustus. They keep her from wasting away. Crossing the Return Threshold The novel ends with Hazel reading Augustus's letter to Van Houten.She reads the letter at Augustus's grave. This letter gives her closure. Refusal of Call She doesn't want to go with Augustus and she's afraid to be his friend. Master of Two Worlds After finishing Augustus's letter, Hazel reaches a point where she is okay with leaving her family behind. I think she begins to share Augustus's belief in capital-S Something and knows he is waiting for her Somewhere.
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