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Mathew Johnson

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of CSC124

Civil Engineering Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Price-Rite software will take AutoCAD’s earth excavation estimate and plug those into a database to get up to date prices for that specific amount of earth work. The software will also take into account the amount of other material needed for the site (piping, concrete, stone, etc.) and tie that into the proposed cost as well. Price-Rite will also estimate the time in which a project this will take to complete. Also the software will instantly send a proposal to the consumer who is paying for the project. This will make the job, thought-to-product a much easier process. The consumer will have the option to adjust the proposed work to fit their budget. Proposed Earth Removal Cost and Time of Excavation Work Will give the option to have parts custom built or bought from a third party.
Will search the sponsored database for current pricing on the cost of the parts
Or send the blueprint to companies for an up to date price to make the part
From the creation of the drawing to the manufacturing of the part, it is all done with this software Price-Rite This software patch is intalled to the existing software(AutoCAD, Mastercam, Solid Works, ect.) for automatic pricing through estimation and sponsored venders. Will analyze an earth escavation in AutoCAD and get an up-to-date pricing
Will take into account for materials needed on site and adjust the cost
Will send the final estimate to the costomer
Customer will also have the option to make changes to work
From the idea to the estimate everything is connected through this software Steps in the Manufactuing Process
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