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Language Arts Thinking Maps

No description

Rithvik Annamaneni

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Language Arts Thinking Maps

By:Rithvik Annamaneni
Mrs.Haynes Class Thinking Maps Circle Map My Favorite Parody is "I'm Elmo and I know it."
(It was introduced to me by Theo) Rithvik Annamaneni Bubble Map About Me Double Bubble Map Tree Map Rithvik Annamaneni yo Brace Map Ravinder Annamaneni Rithvik Annamaneni Pallavi Annamaneni Flow Map Rithvik Annamaneni Multi-Flow Map Analogy As Rithvik Annamaneni Saathvik Annamaneni Read Build Relating Factor: Likes to do Thank You for Your Patience We set a Quiz Bowl record in fifth grade. I raised $3000 for the Amazon Rainforest and I biked 6 miles nonstop. I was one of the two 6th graders on the Science Olympiad State team I love the Ranger's
Apprentice Series Smart Trust-worthy Neat Nerdy
(The Awesome kind) Awesome Rithvik Annamaneni Saathvik Annamaneni Plays
Piano Smart Brothers Like to read Likes To build He is 9 I am 12 I go to Middle School He goes to Elementary School Reading I always read in my free time. I have an IPad, so i can read where ever I go. I basically have a library in my house, so i read all the time Science Olympiad I won 3 firsts in regional last year. I went to states last year I have been doing science Olympiad for 4 years. Space When I grow up , i want to be an Aerospace engineer I go to NASA every other year. I have been doing space events in Science Olympiad for 4 years. Writing I have been writing for 4 years. I have written 4 books in the series called 'The Legends of Axar' My latest book is named 'The Heir to the Throne' She researched about how to treat liver cancer. She likes to read mystery books. She is the President of the 'Medical Society Alliance of Wives' She makes good Indian food. He comes back very late at night.
He is a Colorectal Surgeon
He likes to hunt animals
He likes to take us out on vacations I did a bike ride for the Amazon Rainforest. I raised $3000 for the rainforest I biked 6 miles nonstop trying to out bike 50 kids I had a paragraph in the Duke newspaper 'The Navigator'. It was about the rainforest. I submitted the essay so people could read about it what is happening to the rainforest I was one of the ten people selected for the newspaper in the country. I won the elementary school Quiz Bowl. It was the first time we won first. I was team captain that year I made it to state Science Olympiad. I got a fifth place medal in Microbe Mission. I was one of the two sixth graders that went to state.(The other one was Theo) I joined Science Olympiad I love science I wanted to use my knowledge I wanted to learn something new Learned about human cells I helped my team win the competition I became obsessed with Science Olympiad
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