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Owl City, Roundtable Project, To Pass Year 8... ♥

Damn right, exactly what the title said

♥ Phoebe-Mae Siviour ♥

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Owl City, Roundtable Project, To Pass Year 8... ♥

Owl City By Phoebe-Mae Chappell Survey Results My Survey Owl City Is Touring! Owl City. Who Are They? (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Actually, who is HE would be a more appropriate question. Owl City is a one man band, and that one man is Adam Randal Young. Adam is the founder of many other projects, not just the electronica project called Owl City. Some of those projects are Port Blue, Swimming With Dolphins, Sky Sailing & Windsor Airlift. He was born on July fifth, 1986 and lives in his hometown of Owatonna, Minnesota. His whole career started in his parents' basement when he was suffering from insomnia. During the night when he couldn't sleep, he would go into the basement and record music using a C-1 Behringer microphone & the software called Reason, by Propellerhead then upload his work to MySpace. In his free time he enjoys many different hobbies, but he likes photography in particular. He likes to refer to himself as an amateur photographer, also as a shy guy and/or a social introvert. His first song released under the name of Owl City is called "Caterpillars" and is very hard to find over the internet to listen to. To be able to hear that song would be a gift. 7/11/12 - Osaka, Japan
8/11/12 - Tokyo, Japan
10/11/12 - Seoul, Korea
12/11/12 - Taipei, Taiwan
14/11/12 - Jakarta, Indonesia
16/11/12 - Auckland, New Zealand
18/11/12 (Two shows) - Melbourne, Australia
20/11/12 - Sydney, Australia Yes, you read that right! Owl City is on tour, right now. Unfortunately, he isn't coming to Adelaide, and I'm here to find out how people in the Elizabeth area are reacting. Here are the tour dates from 7/11/12 to the end of his tour Bibliography http://www.owlcitymusic.com/home/
http://www.ayoungblog.com/ I have conducted an in-depth survey involving 22 people in the Elizabeth community. They have answered questions about Owl City and him touring, how many songs they have heard by him, do they like him and what they knew about him touring. The main question was about how they felt about Owl City not coming to Adelaide. I would then try to figure out if it would be a potential threat to the community due to an uproar/angry fangirl/fanboy mobs occourring within our commnuity, causing severe damage to public places/community lots just to be noticed to raise the awareness of their cause. (I think I'd rather face the zombie apocalypse alone than facing an angry mob of Owl Citizens) As a person with Asperger's Syndrome, Adam behaves very differently from others his age. He sees things differently so he does things differently. Adam Young talks
about introversion Songs Played In Movies. Some of Owl City's songs have been played in movies, You may recognise some of them or not, so far the following have been played in a movie. "The Technicolour Phase" was played in "Alice In Wonderland".
"When Can I See You Again" was played in the soon to be released movie "Wreck It Ralph".
"To The Sky" was played in "Legend Of The Guardians; Owls Of Ga'Hoole".
In Owl City's own movie "Live From Los Angeles" He performs 21 amazing songs like "How I Became The Sea" "Setting Sail" "Hello Seattle" and "Angels". Final Conclusion. In conclusion to my survey, the people I surveyed had either heard two or three songs, unless I'm close friends with them, in which case they had heard up to sixty of his songs. Some people don't like the songs they've heard, or they don't like him because they don't know much about Adam Young or just the band in general. To sum up my Prezi Roundtable presentation, the Elizabeth community isn't too upset about Owl City not coming to Adelaide to cause a major uproar/angry mob of fangirls/fanboys to cause death, doom & destruction upon our community.

Once again the day is almost saved from crazy people, thanks to estimation.
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