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maritime musuem x

No description

fex orumwense

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of maritime musuem x

GREENWICH MARITIME MUSEUM BY FEX ORUMWENSE PROGRAM OFFERED SESSIONS OFFERED ACTIVITIES PROVIDED They offer Multi-sensory interactive sessions which is delivered by experienced museum teachers. They also have gallery character which are played by professional actors and this is to entertain the children as well as educate them as well as inspire exciting work back in the classroom. They provide fun activities for the visiting students to ensure they have a good time and to ensure that the kids will want to come back next time Services provided for school students within the National Maritime Museum The museum provides services like sessions for the Early Years Foundation stage and Key Stage 1-5. They also have online resources for these students during their visits and they provide training and INSET sessions for the school teachers. They provide activities like night light where the students piece together a series of jigsaw clues through a variety of activities exploring light sources, and find the lighthouse home for a mysterious giant light-bulb. This activity is fun and it is done like an event where there will be a special day for the students to come and take part. Another activity is the monster hunt where the students use the already put together jigsaw puzzle as a map to locate where the monster is around the museum. Another activity is tea tale where they learn songs and stories that are associated with tea They also provide literacy programs like pirate day for key stage 1 where the students walk and talk like pirates. This is a fun activity that can also be appealing to families. LITERACY PROGRAMS They also provide literacy programs like story house for key stage1 and key stage2, this helps the students develop their abilities in descriptive writing. School visits are free for UK school but they need to be booked in advance.
To book you need to call 020 8312 6608 and they amount of children vary based on what year they are in.
for the foundation stage: it is 1 adult per very 5 pupil but in key stage 2 it is 1 adult per very 8 pupil.
or you can email them at booking@rmg.co.uk They also provide activities in history and geography for these students.
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