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Yet Another Chat Prezi


Tiana Osborne

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Yet Another Chat Prezi

http://prezi.com/9jr2xnrop1t8/edit/?auth_key=eiq611j&follow=okytxwhfefq2 i made a prezi <3 Gaylord Please sign in. Nameless Ragnorok put a picture of your cat form next to your name! or, if your jusqua, or someone who cant turn into a cat, just put your favorite. limit one picture please. Gaylord... this prezi... its... its... Shade awesome? ... horrible... hurry up and get here people... ;_; but i tried so hard... it sucks. i want the others to get here so they can agree with me on this comment. ... *sniff* dont be that way gaylord... ... ... Sky Child not sure if srs... The Fabulous Debbie What're U lookin' at? shade! i want you to meet my friend. umm... he cant think of a nick name though. any sugestions? so THIS is a prezi. crazy. and you guys talk on this thing? do i just leave a message here? yep. just like that. Meg Jusqua can i call you Debbie???
i wanna call you Debbie. I say make his nickname, Nickname :P Debbie. Call him Earth Child?
(going with how Sky Child is "sky" and since they're friends) i suppose.. but Debbie has more irony... :) i don't see how, i am oblivious to how :( *poof* *fur turns blue* I sad that I is oblivious... Rainbow-cat the lol how does Debbie have more irony? I like Jusqua's idea.. *fur turns golden* lol, Rag, I love your cat =D YAY MY IDEA IS LIKED :3 well settle this by asking the person in question! :O so i saw you and shade got a nosebleed at my and debbies... shinanigans... :) no coment. and you read yaoi... either your gay or youre a girl... dis is my pet kitti-kat, his name is Blaze.
One day he came to see me and just sat there like this like a little statue, watching me, so i took pictures, this is the best one. how cute /\ /\
~~-(\,,,\,,, ok so i may have had some gay intint in the past...but dont tell anyone..lol *wink* lol whats up with the demon cat? thats funny. do you have a lot of those moments? I has a flag :3 You don't know Rag,
so you don't understand,
ask Shade if she gets on i wants to hugs your kitti kats! Cat... looks like Debbie... wow ur right... Nein! Er ist MEIN! Nein! Er ist Blaze! *poof*
*fur turns ghost-white*
dis guy scares me
*pulls out a white flag*
*wave wave wave wave* justleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealonejustleavemealone... *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* *wave wave wave* O_O it's so... perfect :D XD it's amazing how accurate you are, Debbie... aww..is pore little Jusqua afraid of Debbie? *wavewavewavewavewavewave* Just to be clear... I'm the only demon lord around here, got it, Debbie? aww...is raggy jelous... No I'm not. I just don't want this "Debbie" thinking that he's really a demon lord like Demon Lord Ghirahim from Shade's game. HUGS!!! I KNEW IT!! Dont be afraid jusqua... i mean u no harm. Debbie is nice... most of the time ;) ok... o shut up so i got a little sad wen u regected me!! Shade: Here's Weisbeck's PowerPoint notes. ......wow...i...i didn't know u had it in u Meg...... yes. yes i do. I am a demon, hence the demon cat. What? The angry rant thing? Yeah, I do... when I get mad (which actually isn't too often), I don't just get mad, I get pissed... which is why I start ranting... ... come on guys dont fight... i think ive seen these things before. wasnt there a slide where it said "Revise this" at the top, then there was a huge paragraph after that? i think it was right after this last slide... i hate my memory! oh yeah, btw im going to be using skychilds account on prezi cuz i forgot my fucking password on mine and can no longer get to it SO if you see skychilds name up theres a chance it might be me so you should ask just to make sure. dont let this stupid argument come between u guys. a friend and i did the exact same thing and didnt tlk to eachother for months. we ended up laughing about it and getting back together after that., but it was awkward and really wierd at first becasue we both didnt want to admit we were wrong. dont do what we did. im not mad! seriously i think we should follow debbies advice and forget about all this... okay? im sorry for apparently acting all pissed off, i didnt mean for it to come out that way. epilogue: skychild and debbie get back together four months later and cosplay to make up for lost time. Moral of the story: dont get into a fight with debbie because he'll embarrass you on a prezi full of people you dont know six months after the fight and youve already forgotten about it. that passive aggressive bastard... what? i doesnt understands... most of the time ;) most of the time ;) most of the time ;) most of the time ;) ._. *runs away*
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *wavewavewavewavewavewave...* ._. *grabs Blaze* *runs away* MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNEEEEEEEEE KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Note to self: Don't Anger Sealand... another reason to RUUUUUUUUUUUUN! *runs away* >:) wise Jusqua.... :D okay... Debbie, you're wise... and it's awesome that we can be ready to kill each other one day, and the next, joke around like normal ^_^ today was fun... "IT'S JUST A FISH!!!" Revise this paragraph, replacing passive and being verbs when possible. You may combine other sentence constructions if you wish

Late one night, I was sitting in my darkened bedroom doing homework. My essay was on my desk, lit by a bright lamp. Suddenly, my door was swung open by a elfish-looking girl, who was claiming to be a homework faerie. She spoke softly and seemed trustworthy, as she clutched my essay with her slender, dainty fingers. She made a promise that she was going to return an “A” paper promptly. That is why I don’t have my homework.

Share Your turn: HERE'S THE ONE!!! :D SORRY! Debbie... is this actually you and Sky Child?.. O_O good question.... O_O.... is it? posesive mutch? lol...u is funny.. wen u didn't acept me asking u out ;_; You both have a logic reason but isin't that what life is all about. Taking risks and surviving threw them, even if its with help. Just reamember ur only as alone as u want to be there are alweas friende there to help if you need them. Ninja is sorry for not being on at 8...i wasent home yet.. >:) perhaps it is... perhaps not. you may never know, but if you trust me, youll believe that it is. this pic was taken by a friend of ours who thought that cosplay was totally bogus so he took pictures to try to embarrass us. ahaha... i have turned the tables on fate... >:) Demon Lord Debbie... is not good with rejection. *Chases* no running from Debbie! YOU CANNOT RUN FOREVER JUSQUA... well im glad you took my advice, skychild and i are like that too sometimes. i dont understand the fish thing though, care to elaborate? (trying to up my vocabulary to live up to my status as The Fabulous Debbie, is it working?) thankyou! well said. The Fabulous Debbie... has taken a liking to Jusqua <3 ... i want to pet jusquas cat... *teleports in front of jusqua* may i pet your cat? (not sure what to think of sealand/meg) i always find ways to win a fight... >:)
yes, even if it means resorting to embarrassing people... i shall win the fight.
im not passive agressive per se, but rather i have a VERY good memory, and i use it to my advantage. skychild, on the other hand, would forget his own head if it wasnt securly fastened to his neck. But I am Demon Lord Debbie! Sorry to burst your bubble, RAG. NO. ROK... but Shade PERSONALLY named me Debbie, and thus, has given me the title of Demon Lord in the process. Take it up with Shade, because I refuse to give up my title to one undeserving of it such as yourself <3 ... the infamous homework fairy... you know, this happened to me twice :) itsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafishitsjustafish... i has to give a speech about fish spawning... D: SKYCHILD FOUND THAT OUT THE HARD WAY. http://animeboy.org/fan_uploads.php?ca=8&qy=Prussia uh oh... I wouldn't try to anger Rag if I were you, Debbie... O_O in English XD ABOUT CARP! :D "it's just a fish..." you're welcome! Yes, I can, I can run forever and ever, if i have CAT*twitch*NIP!!
*holds up a catnip plant*
*runs off* ugh... I honestly don't like "Sealand".. I'm not even into Hetalia (or however you spell it). (and yay! ^_^ mystery... 3:D ) ahhahah that was a fake me! *runs off* o great...who gave him the plant? NIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*runs more* If my girlfriend were on this Prezi, you'd be dead, she's very protective of me, even from my friend pestering me :P
*runs off* *runs up to ninja*
*runs off again* XD Debbie... you're all right :D I never gave you a pland i gave u a ball covered in catnip...and took it back.. *runs up*
*runs off* ..mind games... you left it, but i tooks it... ahahahahahahhaha! *runs off AGAIN* dam...my bad sorry guys.. *aims a kick in the direction of Jusqua* okay, whatever :) But, Debbie, I approve! :D I hope Shade notes this.. she still hasn't passed judgement, I think. :P (In hiding) A piece of paper left by Jusqua reads:
"From now on he shall be called the scary one..." ROY G FREAKING BIV! :D .......? hahaha... I truly am FLATTERED that Jusqua would personally give me a name... but im only scary when i need to be.... Well then I'm very glad your girlfriend isnt here... she would hate to see this. *hugs fake jusqua from earlier* plus all the other things im going to do to it later. SLAP. DAT. ASS. *slap* yes, this will come in very handy <3 i can have lots of fun with this fake one... plus its fake so it wont put up a struggle. this will sedate my thirst for now. thankyou jusqua! *squeezes fake-qua* speak of the devil... do you want my catnip? Debbie has lots of catnip just for Jusqua... *dangles* why thankyou, i think of myself as a rather likeable person, its nice to know im right <3 I. HEART. DEBBIE!!! A present to Jusqua from Debbie <3 <3 <3 ps i will be one here at approximately nine pm almost every night if you want to yell at me personally. i would love to talk to you Jusqua <3 its ok jusqua, hide as long as you like. as long as i have this fake-qua, i'll be fine ;) my kittis name is moo pants. dont judge. ... that is the most adorable name for a cat ive ever heard in my entire life. this is a cool song thanks for putting up the link shade. to shade
from Debbie DEBBIE! BEHAVE YOURSELF! lol.. got to love logec.. so wens justin biber jumping off a cliff...i want to record that... :D Why do you use so many hearts? XD awesome... HI!!! XD whoa, there.. D: Hey there, Ninja :D D: you wouldn't love to talk to anyone else?? I'm hurt. i feal bad...i only just got on around 11 and probably missed Debby ;_; I don't think Debbie knew... I'm going soon as well.. just wanted to check. :) but atleast i got to talk to someone :) yay! I'm glad you're happy to talk to me, even though I'm not the person you came on to talk to... we should all come on at 9 to talk to Debbie. :D Shade, I saw this on Facebook today and thought of you... other than the Zelda reference, I'm not sure why. :D ya..well i really dont care who i talk to as long as its a person and not a recorded voice.. ...recorded voice? Okay, question for everyone: Is anyone else on here an Amon Amarth fan? like on the phone...sometimes wen you get a call from a (800) number... awww that's so cute!!! :D <3 ohhh okay :D well I need to get some sleep.. see ya in German! same here...night night *illusion* now, see this is why you are the scary one... *illusion breaks* heh...heh...heh... now im glad im grounded at home from my computer... so i can't get on at nine, so you'll never catch the real me! heheh... *Jusqua's Illusion breaks and he fades from view* *Illusion*
Hmm... when i view It through my Illusion's gaze, im immune to its effects... yep, I'm probably just gonna use my illusory magic to talk to anyone from now on, so if anyone pulls cat*twitch*nip out, i wont go crazy...
*illusion breaks* *illusion* yea... you can have it, was gonna throw it away, it kept confusing me, i would never know if it was one of my illusions or not *illusion fades* *illusion*
well you still creep the heck out of me, so im not gonna come out of hiding, not even if someone else asks me to, especially since im so good at hiding! :P
*illusion breaks* *illusion*
yes shade, please take the scary one away so that he will no longer plague me...
*illusion breaks* you had a couple experiences with the homework faerie? :D Now Debbie i know its fun to scare Jusqua but u need to play nicly... Thanks for ruining my fun Debbie!!! ill never b able to pull another prank...unless......*walks away in thought* i checked it out and i like them sofar... my three favorites.. in order ^_^ kool...i only lisened to a song or two...so i still exploring...but there good and i didnt know u liked heavy metel..kool ^-^ computer acts up a lot... this is really the only band that i like.. no love :D that is heavy metal... and it's melodic too ^_^ although apocalyptica is pretty good too.. u might like evanescence. yes... evanescence is good... i've heard a few i've liked by them... including this one :D <3 <3 <3 good song agreed! ITS ALMOST 9:30 WHERE ARE YOU???? skychild. look at dis. is you gay? i likes gay people so its not a hate thing, just wondering... is you gay??? i knows people who is gay.... *cough* ninja... Shade not nice...that was a secret.. well its KINDA OBVIOUS AT THIS POINT. u. read. yaoi. true.... got to love the yaoi. I <3 gay anime!!!! WHAT IS WITH ALL THE <3S PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!? <3 <3 <3 <3...is it buging you shade???? <3 <3 <3 >:( at first i was like "jusqua isnt gonna have trouble with debbie... then he got his rape face on... *illusion*
*illusion breaks* *illusion*
you see i don't agree on that subject, you are rather, a very creepy and off-putting person
*illusion breaks* *note hangin on a post*
Shade, The prezi seems broken when only parts of it shrinks, and some parts stay <3 <3 <3 <3 mwahaha 3:D ..XD oh dearr... Ninja, you're really going that far with this? why thank you. it seems that my clever acting has paid off. well meg, i use so many hearts because my body is unable to hold all the love that i mass produce due to my trusting and loyal nature <3
so, when i text or leave stuff on here, i try to release some of that love by putting <3 <3 :) I DIDNT PUT THAT JUSQUA I SWEAR! D: my boss at work surprised me with a night shift, sorry guys i hope you can forgive me ;_; dont be hurt meg i would love to talk to you!!! im just trying to freak jusqua out thats all <3 i also have a flag! The Fabulous Debbie i didnt type this. o_o i agree, what the heck is up with the prezi? Debbie lllllllllllllloooooooooooooollllllllll
links always breaking the pots! WHY DOES NO ONE NOTICE!??!!?!! D:< ...? UM.... not sure what to think... mwahaha, i have successfully freaked out jusqua <3 ;) i likes dis one... *molests the one called Ragnorok* u realise hes going to kill you! yes Meg, yes i am Ninja was here ^^ hello <3 Hi Debbie!!! yeah umm... sorry i wasnt here yesterday. i had night shift!!! boss said surprise! and gave me it >:( for: shade
love: Ninja
Merry X-mas u work...kool so do I.. whered ya go??? you were wrong he got on at 4...and raped Raggy. who cares? *kisses ragnorok* O_O oh dear... you are so dead. yay! ^_^ :D that's awesome! :D <3 XD that's hot... I blame Shade and/or Ninja... i keep responding to this, but Shade keeps deleting my response >.< ENGLISH PROJECT- CARP BREEDING. (let's hope she doesn't delete this..) why did prezi kick me off when i was talking to ninja?! man! that sucks! I. WAS. WRONG!?!??!? WHAT!?!?!? NO WAY! I AM ALWAYS RIGHT! oh... too bad about the rag thing. *hugs self and sits in corner* t-too bad!? TOO BAD!??!?! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!??! hey rag, i noticed you got raped :P *shaking* No... not... completely- i mean-
DEBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hush hush ragnorok, it will be alright <3 Debbie will protect you... *eye brow twitches* okay Debbie, thats enough harrassing ragnorok for one day. *grabs rags shoulders and leads away* we'll be leaving now. HMM? shade is protective of the supposed demon lord? interesting... *with finality, leading ragnorok away* he isnt a "supposed" anything. he is a demon lord, no two ways about that. *surprised* Shade... *whispers* Be quiet until we get out of here. You can thank me later. And where do you think you're going? *teleports in front of the two, pauses* ...You think you can get away from me? *laughs* I don't think so, Shade-chan. Hey Rag... are you okay?? Rag... what happened to your murderous/violent tendencies? You, the great Demon Lord Ragnorok NEVER let people get away with stuff like this... what the heck, dude??? I think its adorible..hes finaly showing his human side...<3 yeah... but I kinda miss him the way he was. It was awkward getting those murderous glares, but at least it was normal! Everything changed after he became a rapist... =/ And when he started to actually care (forget the rape part here) about Shade. Where's the demon who danced with and partially seduced an assassin sent to kill him and then slammed her head into a wall, killing her instantly, then walked with class back to his throne while ordering the servants to save the body as a snack? WHERE IS HE??? (Sorry, I'm just really worried about him..) point taking...Raggy whered ya goo!!! i'm glad i'm not the only one worried.. wait...didnt shade give raggy famail hormones and he acted weard...do u think there wear any long lasting afects on him making him act this way??? O-O yeah, she did... but i thought they'd worn off... maybe they didn't O_O craaap... and shade tried to poison him recently, but she won't tell me the story until she's done writing it... oh no oh no... i know she's worried about her personal safety and doesn't care what happens to others... but this is really bad.. we may have solved his problems or atleast found out what they could be...but i dont think i can tell him this cas i was kinda in on the plan and he might kill me.. ohh ooops... my bad. i'm so confused on what is a secret and what isn't anymore.. You REMEMBER that storry?!? what u mean...im just saying if we want to tell him then you might have to...i wouldent be able to keep a straight face...lol I LOVED THAT STORY!!!!!! :D :D :D tell who what? tell raggy he might have femail hormons in his system.. I knew that. ...is that why you're so different??? lingering effects? and im still alive.....O-O wow! lol I'm traumatized at the moment... Debbie... WHY DIDN'T YOU ATTACK HIM?? That's what you would have done if you had been yourself! ya i tryed to stop him cas i was on wen he did it...sorry..you looked like u were sleeping... did he drug u? Don't yell at me!!! *eyes brim with tears* *hand hanky to raggy* this must have really tramitized you... Thank you... *wipes* Yeah... but Shade protected me. thats good..and you can keep that..it was going to be ur X-mas present but you can have it early...its red and black.. Thank you. whered meg go??? not sure... Wanna pet Awesome??? sure why not! shade did u get ur present i put on here?? :D i got a present? ya its near the link... Awesome!!!!! knew ur like it... :D THANKYOU NINJA!! yep...
umm!! raggy where is Awesome??? My family called for me... I'm so sorry Rag! I didn't think that would bother you. You used to be so tough! I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.. FFFFFUUUU- MY INTERNET TURNED OFF UNEXPECTADLY SORRY! That sucks.. =/ ... Step, step, twirl, walk-to-the-throne, Swag. :D *sniff* It's okay, I was just surprised by the sudden... contact... between Debbie and I. I admit I was a little shaken by it, but that's only because I wasn't expecting it! Next time he won't get away with something like that! *irritated* Don't call me "chan" like you know me, Debbie. *sidesteps* We'll be leaving now. und das ist mein Fahne. put these flags where you have commented on something!!! great idea shade! Mine. my flag! mi el flago :) mine! ^_^ :D Yes, that's it! :D Get back into your normal persona, Rag! <3 :D That's better... you're sounding more like your normal self... *pats Rag on the shoulder* :) *illusion in cat forme*
Dats suspicius... dat 1 looks a awful lots like myn...
*illusion breaks* *illusion*
...then who did...?
*illusion breaks* I think we may need a new prezi already, this one is beginning to get a bit confusing... my favorite color is blue... and yours is a triangle while mines a rectangle ^_^ You think? XD ...galf a fo snoitpo eht teg t'nseod ajniN...ssendaS
!yrros skcus taht...ffo em kcik ot desu izerp Shade stop messin with the kid.. Should i put my link up then?? hi herro -_- japan!! Germany! Deutschland. how r you? hi raggy! Ninja!!! im great! wasnt asking you tard! im fine :) lol...thats good. hey :) get out of here! Namless *takles* long time no see.. >:( :D havent seen u in a wile grmany sorry but ru the only one i can takle cas shade the only one i fear, gaylord is too weak and i dont know what raggy will do to me... s'cool i get 2 b special! sorry shade! its ok you made the right choice of who to tackle :) ok... merry xmas i got you Sesshi :) u got me a Sesshi!!!!kool XD wait for it... prezi being slow... :D I love it!!! congratulations you get to borrw my mind sesshi for a whole week! ... What was that? Ninja gets to borrow you for a week. go on! say hi! ... Hello. He might come out a little messed up u shure bout that??? that and he might try to kill Inuyasha.. Yeah he'll be fine. Just don't let him take the Tetsaiga or anything. well i know that raggy...
by the way hou ya been dealin latly?? him and rag are like best friends! Better. I'm feeling better now. lol..expected nothing less.. thats good. i know right? Debbie had better watch his back next time he gets on. lol...sorry the way u sed it sounds funny... How so??? *giggles* What? u get it to right shade? yes :D I don't understand... should u explain it or should i? wow rag u dont get it? explain away Germany! it to raggy. i don't understand either... yeah youd better explain. ...? well to me it sounds like raggys going to be the one raping debbie next.... ...THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT. and i would never allow that anyway! :) well thats what it sounded like "better watch his back.." mighe want to watch ur wording round me sorry i is a mager pervert sometimes...lol brb got to make tee... You teenagers and your filthy minds... pick the song from bleach - "Life Is Like a Boat" gotta pee... be back in a while, my internets gonna shut off when i leave but i will be back!!! ok hello again :) Tea, Shade? what? huh? um, sure i guess! *takes, drinks* yum. you make fantastic rose tea rag- *POOF* ... goddamit >:D you suck. i want some!! *drinks, POOF* meow! :3 me 2. *takes, POOF* That was only for Shade guys... >:( raggy howd u get into my tea stash??? sorry but i gtg... ill talk at u tomrow ok bye :) and remember b redy by 10..call me if u need anything shud i bring my sword?! jk c ya :) ... YESH. NEW PREZSCHI DAT I CAN ACTUALLY SHEE... :D DEBBIE RAPED RAG!? IM SO SORRY! I did too occasionally.... id be looking for my homework to do it and i couldnt find it, next day when teacher asks for it it was in my backpack... :/
stupid fairy! from Sky child from skychild. YES :D lol... =3 ohhhh :( :D Sky Child, is that you? HI :D ...the awkward moment when ??? leaves after you say hi... :/ XD! <3 wow sorry meg i was skyping!! TOTALLY FORGOT PREZI WAS OPEN! D: HI MEG! SHADE. I ACCIDENTALLY STOLE YOUR BIOLOGY (?) HOMEWORK AND YOUR ENGLISH OUTLINE.... =/ ... accidently? ..i think it was when we were working in the library and shade threw all her papers on the table on top of my stuff when i asked for one of hers. lol okay :D i feel better now :D HI :D My bad :) howd you know it was me not deb? because you were over by the pictures that said "from skychild".. it was a guess :D well good job! ^_^ vielen dank. so... hi! :D this is the first time we've been on at the same time... cool :D how's idaho? ... i haz a present to commemorate dis occasion. :D really? i feel special now ^_^ wait for it... *waits in anticipation* :D *taps foot impatiently* come on prezi... ahh it's not loading is it? stupid prezi... >:| gosh darnit wanted to give meg a present and it doesnt load!? BABY TIGERS!!! :D AWWWWWW! :D <3 <3 <3 AND DIS.... is for debbie. those are cute ^_^ was this what you originally wanted to load? his punishment for raping ragnorok! :) yes. i loves my babee tygrs :) i love them too ^_^ i want to cuddle with them.. aww so adorable <3 but they'd probably bite me.. only if you feed them first! otherwise theyre incredibly lovable! <3 <3 <3 those should have been your kitty picture... YOU HEAR ME DEB?! NO MORE RAPING AND/OR THREATENING TO RAPE PEOPLE!!! Jusqua should be happy... IF Debbie listens to you.. 0_0 hang on a minute... nah, i like my kittie more :D seriously debbie? not impressed. haha okay :D if he dont ill change my email pssword so he can no longer get on. :) O_O dun dun dun dunnnnnnn i fixed debs pic to make it less threatening :) XD i love the smiley face :D debbies gonna hate it... which means i love it! ^_^ i thought you two were supposed to be good friends, though... we are, im just teasing :) oh... sorry, i'm slow today >.< ... what the...? i is following you... :) excess love... DONT. CALL. SHADE. CHAN. yea i went there. what does chan mean, anyways? it means female friend. like i would refer to you as megumi-chan :) he could always make his own account, though.. ... didnt think of that... whoops :) maybe i shouldn't have pointed that out.. can Shade block him? i dont know...>.< :D I'm a friend?! YAY! :D *happy dance* *joins in dance* but seriously, debbie doesnt have the right to call shade "chan." if anyone does its me! i was the first on any of the chat prezis! hmm not that i want debbie to leave, because i think he's cool, except for the whole raping rag part >.< but if you and shade want him gone (sorry debbie!), then there has to be a way. *random change of subject* have you tried that link shade put up for animeboy.org yet? 'tis true. as well as ninja and i, seeing as we have school with shade :) oh, and jusqua. yeah i agree. maybe i could just threaten to not be his friend >:P debbie has less of a right than all of us :) (sorry debbie) XD good luck with that... lol you have school with shade!? didnt know that... anyway yea debbie oversteps his boundrys sometimes... :/ *gets whiplash from random change* *massages my neck* um... where's the link? put an arrow or something next to it :) here you go :) o_O then you could answer this question... *CONFUSION* why does the arrow lead here, and where did my paragraph explanation go? and what question? she wants you to listen to life is like a boat i think the arrow is cuz you told me to put an arrow next to the link! :D there's not a link there... http://animeboy.org/fan_uploads.php?ca=8&qy=life%20is%20like%20a%20boat classes with shade:
me: band, english, geman, lunch
ninja: horticulture and german
jusqua: german what question? WHAT THE...!? OK LOOK NOW! is it there? *looks* .....nothing the arrow starts at the chan stuff.. thats wierd... i can see it on my screen... really? hold on, lemme refresh its right above this text. AHA! I SEE IT! :D 4 Shade
from Skychild :D!!!!!!!!!!!! ...SO...
now wat? :) XD well.. i donno. what's your favorite color? XD ... PURPLE! :D cool ^_^ mine's blue... and yes, i'm terrible with coming up with things to talk about.. tell me something i don't know about you :D ... UMMM... im not that great at german! i'm sorry =/ lol, we all speak german on here, no matter how poorly.. cool ^_^ well, except maybe debbie.. do i know debbie, you think? not from german class... he took spanish i think. =/ hm, okay... and i guess you can't tell me who he really is, huh? or who you are, for that matter.. ...and if i were a stalker/rapist, that would look like a classic line or something... >.< i hate secrecy sooo much 'fraid not meg :) give you a hint though: my german name was Frederich! MEMORY! WHY U NO REMEMBER?! ...that sounds soo freaking familiar... did you leave the class early?.. sometimes... and remember im blond and tall... long blonde hair?.. yes... so long i apparently look like a girl from the back :/ I REMEMBER YOU! :D I can remember faces, not names.. Do you have blue eyes?.. yes... yesssssssh i remember ^_^ i never talked to you much, but you were cool back then, and you're cool now :D in my opinion really? i never really talked to anyone but deb... you thought i was cool? you're one of the few people who's faces i can remember :) you kinda stood out :D im actually a total dork :) well, my idea of cool is different than others :D i like you, you're an awesome person awesome... someone thought i was cool...! wow, i feel so great now... :) :D yay i stood out cuz no one would talk to me! i mean, i tried to be nice but those mean people... they wouldnt even give me a chance! >:(
so i started going yo online school :) yeah, there were a lot of mean people in there! i hope i wasn't one... i didn't really talk to you, because i was partially intimidated, and also really shy. :) but i did want to talk to you thats nice to know :) i have a hard time talking to girls, so i wouldnt have known what to say anyway! oh, okay :D well, nice to know that would have been awkward for both uf us! i have fewer regrets about WHS now.. regret nothing! dat skool ssssuuuuccckkeddd XD yeah it really really did. well, the music program was good. that's what i miss :) wasnt in band... but i can play the drums so there!! haha awesome :D aaand you keep going below where i can see the screen somehow.. "can not pan more"... ummm i need to get some sleep.. i'll talk to you another day! :D okay bye! sleep is good -_- bye! :) awww aligators! :) LITTLE BABY TIGERS!?!?!??!? THEYRE SO CUTE! lollollol.... :) awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! thankyou sky child!!! im the kitti on the end! :3 thats so... depressing, yet cute and cuddly... i love this picture!!! dis is how i feel around xmas time... :|
its a "Nope" kinda day :) what da heww...? if he were real i would totally follow him off a cliff... I DONT HAVE PROBLEMS WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? For hundreds of years, humans have used nature as a means to escape the sometimes overwhelming complexity of their lives. Escaping to nature, however, does not always need to be an actual physical endeavor; it could also be a fantasy journey, like many kinds of literature use. The majority of literature that often incorporates nature as the main topic is in poems. Robert Frost is the author of many nature focused poems, including “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” and “Design.” In many of his poems, Robert Frost compares the speaker of his poems to nature, learning more of his/her own life by observing the simplicity of the natural world through natural occurrences, symbolism, and the theme of death.
Nature is a huge inspiration for much of Frost’s work. By observing how the natural world is indifferent to class or status of any particular creature, humans often see that certain occurrences could easily be associated with events in their own lives. This is true in the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” where the speaker of the poem talks of how all things in nature eventually grow old and decay. The first four lines in the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” are: “Nature’s first green is gold / her hardest hue to hold / her early leaf’s a flower / but only so an hour.” These four lines of the poem almost instantly form a natural setting in the readers mind while contemplating that all things green will only be so for so long. The reader of this poem can easily take this idea and connect it to his/her life, which will also be “green” for a short amount of time. The same message is true in the poem “Design,” when the speaker comes across another occurrence in nature which he/she ponders on the importance of fate and the inevitable. The event in “Design” that makes the reader understand the inevitable is a spider catching a moth in its web. The last four lines of this poem are: “What brought the kindred spider to that height, / Then steered the white moth thither in the night? / What but design of darkness to appall?-- / If design govern in a thing so small.” In these lines, the speaker of the poem is wondering why the moth’s life was brought to an end, realizing that nature can be cruel and unforgiving even for such a small thing as an insect. Sparknotes offers that the speaker of “Design” wonders about the “design of darkness” that led the moth to its death (“Self-Knowledge Through Nature”). As well as the occurrences in Frost’s works, there is a great amount of symbolism used to further the messages he is trying to get across to the reader.
In many, if not most, of Frost’s poems, the speaker sees things in nature that could be considered symbols of life and connect them to their existence and obtain new knowledge of it through contemplating the meaning of these symbols. Trees are commonly used symbols in Frost’s poetry that can be used to represent borders or the link between heaven and earth itself. In “Birches,” the birch trees could represent imagination or youth as when the young boy in the poem swings on them seemingly without a care in the world. The speaker in the poem wishes that he could be like the boy who has no responsibilities to keep him from having the time of his life up on a birch branch, so the birch tree could represent his own imagination or desires. Sparknotes agrees and says, “When Frost’s speakers and subjects are near the edge of a forest, wandering in a forest, or climbing a tree, they exist in luminal spaces, halfway between the earth and the sky, which allow the speakers to engage with nature and experience moments of revelation” (“Trees”). Gradesaver also says that birch trees in this poem serve as a way to leave the rational world and instead escape into the narrator’s imagination. Another symbol in a different poem by Frost, “The Mending Wall,” shows that a wall can also be a symbol of boundaries or limitation. In ‘The Mending Wall,” the lines “Before I built a wall I’d ask to know / What I was walling in or walling out” expresses the speaker’s question of why there needs to be a wall if it seems to serve no purpose, but the other speaker, the neighbor, simply replies, “‘Good fences make good neighbors,’” meaning that there has to be boundaries for people to get along. Gale Virtual Reference Library explains: “And [in] many other Frost poems, the limits imposed by the real world are seen not only as a consequence of being in the world but as a necessary condition for existing as a person” (“The Need for Limits”). Masterplots takes the wall to be a symbol of friendship, though it keeps the two neighbors from each other, it keeps the relationship between them calm and peaceful (“Themes and Meanings”). Also, the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” nature could be considered a symbol because it is referred to as “her,” so nature could in fact be considered a character in and of itself and not just a symbol or background (“Nature”). The majority of these poems, however, have one thing in common; death.
In the majority of Frost’s works, the idea of accepting death as it comes is a lesson he is trying to teach the reader. This message is implied in the poems “The Death of the Hired Man” and “Fire and Ice.” In “The Death of the Hired Man,” Frost gets this idea across using a character called Silas to represent acceptance. In “The Death of the Hired Man,” a long, dialogue based poem, Silas is a character who doesn’t have an education and works a farm sometimes for a nice couple who owns the farm. The couple are the only people who have shown Silas any kindness, and when he is close to dying, he comes back to the farm saying that he means to work in exchange for a room, where in the end, he dies. This shows that he accepted death, and wished only to be with the people who were kind to him as he lived his last moments as oppose to going and seeing his educated brother, who could not care less about his well being. The feeling of responsibility that Silas feels toward the farm also motivates Silas to go there to die, as Gale Virtual Reference Library states: “Silas claims to still feel a duty toward the farm when he tells Mary ‘he meant to clear the upper pasture; and ditch the meadow’” (“Duty and Responsibility”). In “Fire and Ice,” however, the idea of accepting death is emphasized by thinking of not just the end of one life, but the end of the world itself. In “Fire and Ice,” the speaker says that “Some say the world will end in fire, / Some say in ice,” and goes on to argue either way respectively. The fire and ice that will supposedly end the world in this poem can be associated with the human emotions of desire and hate, as desire can be like fire, uncontrolled and burning everything around it if left uncontrolled. Hate, then, is like ice, it can smother everything around it and leave nothing but barrenness. Fire could be associated with desire because a little is human and fine to live with; so long as one knows how to control it, just like “ice” or hatred. In either case, it shows that human emotions can be incredibly powerful, but too much of one thing can be horrible for everyone, not just the person feeling the emotions.
Robert Frost uses many techniques to give readers a serious and deep understanding of their own life through observing and learning from nature or the actions of others around them. Poetry in general is designed to make the reader feel certain emotions, explain some phenomena or just to describe the thoughts and feelings of the author, but Frost takes it to a whole new level of understanding for the average reader. Reading Frost’s poems, they may seem quite two-dimensional at first, but hidden within the words are deep significance to human life. The meanings of Frost’s poems are philosophical and insightful, taking the reader on a trip through their own inner psyche and giving them a deeper understanding of their own nature with only a few simple lines. MEG THIS IS MY PAPER! PLEASE NO ONE ELSE BESIDES MEG TOUCH THIS, IT IS FOR A HUGE GRADE IN ENGLISH! Hay i also have Algebra 2 with Shade!! XD Shade, you won't believe it... Weisbeck kept talking for so long about the two scoresheets we have for peer editing that the bell rang on him... he's going to check for the essay tomorrow... so your amazing acting skills were unnecessary... but BRAVO! Anyways, I'll print this off on my printer and bring it to school tomorrow... :) Ugh! This place looks like a hurricane came through... Everything has been thrown everywhere... I'm glad I went into hiding from that guy, I didn't have to deal with whatever did, this... *opens a portal* *looks around at his old home* *steps out* Its so boring hiding all the time... *sigh* Its time to go home... Hmm... I wonder where everybody is...? *begins looking for some form of life* Jusqua's Return *walkes up and waves*
hay...while u were gon raggy got raped... NINJAAAAAAA!!! *tackles to the ground* What happened to our home?
Its in shambles... *jumps in nearist tree, looks down* u realise ur hugging a bush right...and im not sure.. i havent been home in a while and it was like this wen i got here.. Hmmmmm.... Was it Rag? Maybe he did this out of rage from what you said happened? *stands up* no.. shade got rid of some things to make room...then realised that there is alweas the new place to go to...so sed leave it. Hmm... *poof* *fur turns a light brown* der we go Im saposed to put the portal up for our new home. Shade intrusted me to bild the place this time. Shes got go tired of this place and all the others shes made. I wanna go right meow! I wanna build a new house at da new place! :3 Fine give ma a few minits. I has yays! :3 there.. where da portal...? here... I CANT SEE IT!!! *poof* Oh I see it now, apparently cats cant... -.- I see someone over there, is it... Shade? SHADE GET THE HECK OVER HERE!!! Shade!! I put the portal up.. happy. hey there :) *passes through the portal, but doesnt teleport* Why can't i get through? Hi. try copy and past and put it in a new tab. (It keeps giving me an access denied page) nope... try now.. did you do the share button? thats how you do it. 1. go to your prezi
2. pick the share button (the one with the two people icon)
3. choose "copy"
4. post here. did it work?? i see nothing... is it still not there...?? its a viewing whats that mean? We can look at it, not edit STILL DOESN'T WORK -.- this sucks... Shade, can i do it? sure, i care not :) do what? ... awkward silence... ._. ummm... so- new prezi??? hold on meanwhile i watch Bleach! :) Im still setting it up sorry Building a mansion is difficult :P take all the time you need! mine have all been uninteresting hackjobs of prezis :P so make yours better than mine k?! :) I dids my best to make Northwind Manor, as accomadating as i can http://prezi.com/j000whzubo89/edit/?auth_key=w7f7v35&follow=i8fd2zzteqjl Please, Feel free to join me at the manor when you can. I will be having Tea and Crackers at nine. Join me wont you? To Northwind Manor PLEASE NOTE:
Northwind manor, will be a Roleplay Chat prezi, We will be living in the persona of our nicknames, and that this will not be a chat prezi for the extra stuffs, Shade has already agreed to the idea of a RP prezi, and that this will be a secondary prezi from our normal chat one. this means that Pictures and videos should be rp related
and remember that the story is in and around my Mansion and that you must rp choosing a room to live there (theres enough rooms for everyone thats ever signed in to one of the chat prezis) Debbie, If you join the prezi DO NOT PLAY CREEPER AT ME, PLEASE. Its a RP... ALL THAT... FOR NOTHING!?! ;_;
my acting skills are yet again wasted... Ninja sorry guys aperintly im to stupid to even put a link on prezi so there will be no ninja prezi..if anyone cares. too stupid? ... who said that? NINJA I DEMAND YOU MAKE A PREZI I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT WILL BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND!!!
oh, by the way, no one ever said you were stupid and no one EVER thought that. you got links up, they were just the wrong kind, thats all, and Jusqua made an RP prezi not a chat prezi so the duty of making the newest prezi falls to you! ninja skychild taught me how so i wrote down the instructions, you can use them if you want:
click on your prezi, but dont click the blue "edit" yet
instead, if you look all the way to the right of all the buttons, theres a "share" button
click it, and itll take you to a screen and at the top of this screen there are three dividers: viewing, editing, and embed.
click editing.
click the "copy" button to the right of the url you see.
when it says "copied!" then you can exit out and go onto this prezi, Yet another chat prezi.
right click anywhere and select "paste"
you konw you have the right url if it says the words auth_key, follow and edit between a shitload of numbers and symbols. ok thanks guys and i know no one called me stupid i called myself stupid. I've just been having a really lousy couple of days and im trying REALLY hard not to make my friends feal bad bout anything. and to answer the question i don't even know why i've been fealing this way...sorry to bring you down. http://prezi.com/luuhhhyk7m6z/edit/?auth_key=s5xaehw&follow=sjduwwpclyia&kw=edit-luuhhhyk7m6z&rc=ref-13473361 Got it. Sky Child saw this and thought of you...not sure why thow.. also everyone is wating for you on the new prezi links on here. ????? AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!! -___________- WHAT THE F****........YOU GUYS KEEP LEAVING ME BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!
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