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No description

Danielle Johnson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Athena

*Athena* Symbols Olive Tree Anyhting Woven Gorgon heaed Aegis Violets Powers Battle Creative, Strategic methods and planning killed the giant Pallas Goddess of . . . City Wisdom, purtiy and reason Strategic war Arts and Crafts Patrons Armies Athens All warriors, heros, and artisans Athena's Family Daughter of Zeus and Metis Minerva Owls Myth Myth #1
Athena's mother Metis was swallowed by Zeus when she was pregant. Some time later Zeus began having terrible head aches. To help get rid of the headaches Hephestus hit Zeus on the top of his head. From the impact Zeus's head cracked open and Athena jumps out fully grown and dressed in battle armour. Myth #2
Athena and Posiden both wanted the city of athens, in order to win Athens over posiden strike a rock with his tritent and made salt water come out of it as his gift for the city. Athena gave the city an olive tree for a gift. Because of how important the Olive tree became the city decited to name themselves after Athena.
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