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The sin of shirk and why it is a major sin in Islam

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Enchanted Flames

on 3 January 2016

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Transcript of The sin of shirk and why it is a major sin in Islam

The 2 types of Shirk

1. Ash-Shirk al-akbar – major shirk (takes out of the fold of Islam)

2. Ash-Shirk al-asghar – small shirk
Ash-Shirk al-akbar Ash-Shirk al-asghar
Headline 2
Examples of Ash-Shirk al-akbar (major shirk) and Ash-shirk al-asghar (small shirk)
The belief that there is
someone else
who creates, gives life and death, and controls the affairs of the universe along with Allah.
People who make fun of religion are commiting ash-shirk al-akbar.
Monday, January 04, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What is shirk?
Shirk basically is polytheism, i.e. the worship of others along with Allah. It also implies attributing divine attributes to any other besides Allah.It particularly implies associating partners in worship with Allah or to believe that the source of power, harm or blessings is from others besides Allah.
Why is shirk such a major sin in Islam?
shirk breaks the commitment that Muslims make when they recite the Shahadah,'There is no God but Allah'.
Worship of Allah defines the way a Muslim lives on Earth. Every action, whether small or large , must glorify Allah. These acts are called Ibadah meaning a 'slave' or 'servant'.Tawhid is the basis of everything a Muslim does and by avoding shirk a muslim is emphasising the importance of Allah in their life.
For muslims, Islam is the only true and pure religion , the sin of shirk takes away that purity by equating Allah with other things.
The sin of shirk and why it is a major sin in Islam
Showing off
- A person must never show off with prayers or da’wah i.e. to show off and impress others rather than to fulfill obligations, and any actions that are done out of showing-off will never be rewarded for.
Making adhaan for people to hear his voice-
Unfortunately there are some people who make adhaan (call to prayer) in order to let people hear his voice or to show off, rather than intending to have a long neck in paradise and for his adhaan to be heard across Jannah.
The one who makes oath by other than Allah
- to swear by other than Allah is shirk asghar, for example to say: ‘I swear by my mother’ or ‘I swear by my child’ etc.
Surah No. 16, Al Nahl, Ayat No. 51
Translation :
Allah has said: "Do not establish two Gods : He is the only One Allah, worth worshipping : then fear Me (and Me alone)."

picture of shirk comitted by giving worship to another before Allah S.W.T. Astighfurallah, may they be guided to the straight path, ameen
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